Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station Review

Growatt 1500 Hero Mte


  • Diverse I/O
  • High capacity
  • Gorgeous contoured design
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)


  • Occasional finicky pairing process out of range

Our Rating

8 / 10

Whether you are heading into the great outdoors on your next adventure or simply looking to keep your home workstation powered on and ready for anything, the Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station packs enough juice to maintain essential appliances and your favorite accessories for hours (sometimes even days) on end.

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Unboxing Experience

Sliding out the pull tabs located on the rear side of the Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station box allows you to open the lid to reveal the included user manual and warranty information. Growatt graciously grants every INFINITY 1500 customer a full 24-month warranty period as long as you keep all packaging and accessories on hand, in the unlikely case that you wish to return your unit. You will also find the following items in the box:

  • INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station
  • 1.5m AC charging cable (100-120Vac)
  • 1.5m car charging cable via cigarette light adapter (13.6V, 10A regulated)
  • MC4 to XT60 solar panel charging cable (12-100V, 12A)
Growatt Box Contents

Getting Charged Up

When it comes to recharging the Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station with the included AC charging cable, I was able to confirm Growatt’s claim that the the device takes under two hours to fully recharge, with a recharge from 0 to 80% taking only about one hour total.

Optional 100W or 200W Growatt solar panel charging attachments are sold separately for $299 and $499 respectively. Growatt is currently running a promotion on its website that allows you to grab either solar panel model for $50 dollars off. There’s also a Black Friday sale that allows you to get the INFINITY 1500 for $300 off.

Growatt Car Charger

While I was not able to test solar power charging, Growatt claims that the INFINITY 1500 supports up to 800W of solar input power, enabling the power station to recharge in just 2.5 hours under full sunlight. With the included 13.6V cigarette lighter car charging cable, it takes about 12 hours to fully recharge the power station. While this may seem like a long time on paper, this capability makes the INFINITY 1500 the perfect road trip companion for taking power along with you – especially on long journeys.

To power the Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station on/off, press and hold the power button below the display. The LED screen illuminates to reveal the current battery capacity. The current input power is listed on the left, while the current output power is listed on the right.

Growatt Charged

At the heart of the INFINITY 1500 is a lithium-ion battery coming in at an astonishing 1512Wh capacity and only 36.4 lbs. This battery architecture grants this power station incredible features, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology and a significantly longer lifecycle than competing lead acid batteries, with a rating of more than 800 charge cycles before it reaches 60% of its original capacity.

The INFINITY 1500’s ultra-fast recharge time of less than two hours is enabled by a custom embedded AC inverter that is overlooked by competing power stations and can take up to eight hours to fully recharge.

Growatt Wall Charger

For extra-long expeditions or the ultimate backup power solution, you can use additional AC adapters to daisy chain up to three Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Stations for an astounding max capacity of 4536Wh.

Your home office and appliances will not miss a beat if the power grid happens to get cut off, since up to 3 INFINITY 1500 power stations can automatically switch to battery power supply mode within just 20ms. By comparison, it takes the average human 100 to 150 milliseconds to blink, meaning you will quite literally have access to power during emergency scenarios faster than you can blink an eye.

Design and Specifications: Packed Full of Power

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station features a dozen distinct output ports to keep your devices simultaneously powered. Highlights include support for CPAP machines up to 22.02 hours and up to 101.61 charge cycles for the typical smartphone. When it comes to home backup solutions, the device has you covered, powering the average household refridgerator for up to nine hours and your Wi-Fi router for up to 52.84 hours. Take a look at the full specifications:

Size and Weight

  • Dimensions: 16.5’’ x 9.1’’ x 11.3’’ (418.7 x 230 x 287mm)
  • Net Weight: ~36.4lbs (16.5kg)

Input Ports (Left Side)

  • AC Input: 100V~120V, 60Hz (1500W Max)
  • DC Input: 12-24V (12A Max)
  • Solar Charger: 12-100Vdc (800W Max)
Growatt Output Ports

Output Ports (Front)

  • 2x USB-A 12W Max (5V, 2.4 A)
  • 2x USB-A Fast Charge 18W Max (5V/9V/12V, 2.4A)
  • 2x USB-C 60W Max (5V/9V/15V/20V, 3A)
Growatt Front Outputs

Output Ports (Right Side)

  • 4 AC 100V~120V, 60Hz, Pure Sine Wave Ports
  • 1 13.6V, 10A car charger (regulated)
Growatt Right Side Output Ports

Output Port (Top)

  • 1 Qi-enabled wireless phone charger (5/7.5/10/15W)
Growatt Qi Charging Pad

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station remains durable despite its compact design with a operating temperature of 0-45°C (32~113°F) while charging, and a discharging temperature of -20-60°C (-4-140°F). Four onboard fans draw out heat while sounding remarkably quiet – even at full speed.

Inverter overload protection also comes in handy by maintaining your safety if you happen to draw more than 2000W of power. The uniquely curved design of the INFINITY 1500 is flanked by two handles on each side making it easier to take power with you while on the move.

myGro Companion App

The Growatt INFINITY 1500’s user guide directs users either to the iOS App Store or Android Google Play to access the free MyGro app. While the companion app is optional, I would highly recommend downloading it and pairing your power station to upgrade device firmware, remotely monitor battery capacity, and customize output power.

It also allows you to set limits on the amount of battery life you would like to use with “Battery Protection” to automatically stop charging your accessories once a certain battery percentage is reached.

Growatt App 1

After opening the myGro app, you will be prompted to create an account. I was glad to see that myGro opted to support a wide variety of account types from email to the ultra-secure and privacy-oriented Sign-in with Apple. After installing the app, you can pair your Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station by pressing the Wi-Fi reset button on the front of the device, then following the onscreen instructions to link the device to your account.

To link your Growatt INFINITY 1500 to your smartphone, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. While you may occasionally have to re-link your phone after going out of range of the device, I appreciate the fact that Growatt allows customers the option to consider which wireless peripheral they would like to use to connect.

Final Thoughts

With a sleek yet rugged design, high-end features, versatile connectivity options, and more than enough power to maintain your most important devices for hours, the Growatt INFINITY 1500 sports all the features you could ask for and then some.

Packed with unique capabilities and build quality that exceeds expectations and top competitors, you can find the Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station on Growatt’s website for $1,599, an extraordinary value considering the current power station landscape. Or, if you act quickly, you can get a $300 savings on Black Friday.

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