GiiKER Super Cube Review – Mastering the Cube

Super Cube Featured


  • Cute packaging
  • Simple to pair
  • Fun tutorial
  • Makes solving easy for pro and novice users


  • Long tutorial
  • No instructions for one game
  • To solve without app will take time

Our Rating

8 / 10

While a huge hobby in the 1980s, the Rubik’s Cube was also frustrating to many. Not everyone was such a smarty that they could solve the puzzle. But thanks to the GiiKER Super Cube, everyone can be a smarty. This review takes a look at how easy the Super Cube makes it to finally solve your favorite 80s fad on your own.


Super Cube Boxed

Even the boxing of the GiiKER Super Cube seems less intimidating than the original 80s puzzle. It has legs and “headphones.” Once you unbox it, it gets even cuter, as the “headphones” are actually the charger.

Super Cube Charging

There’s not that much there in the box, but you really don’t need anything more than the Super Cube, a charging cord, some basic instructions, and a mobile device to finally solve the Rubik’s Cube, or in this case, the Super Cube.

Getting Started

Even though the Super Cube makes it super-easy to solve this puzzle, you still need to make it through a tutorial, but first you need to download the app, which is available in both iOS and Android.

Super Cube Home Page

After opening the app, you need to go through a very easy pairing process via Bluetooth. Just choose your cube and pair. There really isn’t any more to it. This brings you to the home page. You’ll want to complete the tutorial before doing anything else.

Super Cube Cube Basics

There are several different sections of the tutorial, but they all feed off each other, so you’ll want to go through each of them and in order. But don’t worry – it’s fun to work your way through it. Start with “Cube Basics,” and you’ll do fine.

The tutorial refers to each “square” as a “sticker,” which is kind of amusing, because unlike an official Rubik’s Cube, the colors here aren’t really stickers and are painted on, so don’t think you can just change the stickers on this one!

One of the basics is not just that the center stickers don’t move but also that you have to watch which colors are in the key positions facing you, as you have to match the picture to coordinate with the app.

Super Cube Center Stickers

Along with that, you’ll also learn about edge stickers, corner stickers, and the names for the different levels, as this helps you through the tutorial.

At the end of your “Cube Basics” lesson, you’ll be taken through a test of what you’ve learned. This includes a period of it showing you several center stickers it wants you to move.

Super Cube Testing

After you have completed the basics, there are more sections to go through that show you how to solve a certain design, but what it’s actually doing is showing how to move a certain element to your desired location.

Super Cube White Flower

While you can’t see it in the picture above, there is an animation after you click the “Play” button on the screen. It shows you which side to turn 180º. You take it from whatever state it’s currently in and end up with a solved cube at the end of all parts of the tutorial.


Back on the home screen, there is an option for “Games.” There is a standard type of game you’d find on a mobile phone with a “game board” to move through, but it has no instructions. I couldn’t figure out how to play, and there was no evident connection to the Cube, thought I am sure there is one.

Super Cube Game Center

The other games are more directly connected to the Super Cube. There is a game for just following the moves on your device, a memory game, matching game, etc.

Back on the home screen, there is also a “Battle” option, where you can battle other Super Cube players. The app directs you both so that you’re both starting with the cube scrambled the same way. After that, it’s simply a battle for solving the fastest.

Super Cube Solved

If you don’t want to play a game and just want to try your hand at solving the Super Cube, you can do that, too. On the lower left of the home screen, there’s a rocket ship icon. Tap that, scramble your cube, and the app will show you the moves to solve it while it times you.

The icon in the middle has different patterns that it shows you how to solve. The icon on the right times you while you solve the Super Cube but does not offer any guidance – you’re on your own!

Final Thoughts

I tested the GiiKER Super Cube at an experienced level and a novice level. My son spent his high school years perfecting his method for solving the Rubik’s Cube. After he made his way through the Super Cube tutorial, he solved it in 48 seconds, but I thought this was because he was an expert

He handed it to me, and I didn’t even glance at the tutorial but still solved it in 62 seconds – with the app’s help! I couldn’t do it without that. After I made my way through the tutorial as well, I solved it in 54 seconds.

Without the app, I still wouldn’t be ale to solve it, but given time with the tutorial and some guidance I’d be able to pick up more skills. I was already able to predict some solving moves toward the end.

You can buy your own GiiKER Super Cube for just $49.99.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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