GiiKER Super Blocks Review

Giiker Super Blocks Review Featured


  • Over 1,000 levels
  • Multiple play modes
  • Retro handheld look
  • Blocks stay in place well


  • A little pricey
  • No batteries included

Our Rating

9 / 10

Want to stimulate your mind even when you don’t have an Internet connection? Just grab GiiKER Super Blocks. This handheld game, that also has a companion app, is designed to provide hours of fun with an innovative interactive format. While made for kids, it’s also a great puzzler for adults. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this game to see just how much fun it could be.

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Overview of Features

GiiKER Super Blocks is a handheld device that features colorful lights and differently-shaped blocks. The concept is simple yet challenging: place the colored shapes correctly into the lighted patterns on the game board. While it sounds easy, it quickly becomes more and more challenging.

Giiker Super Blocks Review Overview

The game features over 1,000 puzzles to solve. Each puzzle gets progressively more challenging to better stimulate your mind. You should get at least 35 hours of playtime out of it.

It’s designed to help with spatial skills and cognitive and logical thinking. Whether it’s a child further developing these skills or an adult boosting their brain health, the game really is made for everyone. Due to the small pieces and increasingly challenging levels, it’s best for ages 6 and up.

There are 16 different shapes in four colors. Some levels only use one color, while others use multiple colors.

Giiker Super Blocks Review Blocks

In addition to standard levels, there are also challenge levels that have a time limit. Or, if you’re struggling, try the learning mode to figure out how to solve a level without getting so frustrated.

Exploring GiiKER Super Blocks

The game fits nicely in your hands and has anti-skid bumpers on the base so that it won’t slide when sitting on a table. It’s just a little larger than an old-school Nintendo Game Boy.

The retro look instantly had me wanting to turn it on and start playing. After all, sometimes it’s nice to skip the phone and TV for a while.

Giiker Super Blocks Review Pieces

The 16 durable plastic pieces are divided into red, green, yellow, and blue. These are placed on the right side of the game or the playing board. The left side features three buttons, a piece color indicator, and the challenge timer (when a challenge occurs).

The buttons are fairly straightforward, but definitely check out the included user manual, as it dives into how to use those buttons to go beyond just turning the device on/off and skipping puzzles. You can also skip to challenges, turn on learning mode, mute the sounds, or save you progress to come back later.

As an added bonus, GiiKER Super Blocks comes with a drawstring carrying bag.

Starting the Game

The only thing I had to do to get started was add two AA batteries. It would a be great improvement if these were included. Next was a long press the red button to enter the first level.

Giiker Super Blocks Review Color Lights

The lights at the top left show which color(s) you’ll be playing with. At first, you only play with the red blocks.

I love that there are one or two longer pegs on each block to make it easier to remove the blocks after locking them onto the board. This is also ideal for younger kids with little fingers.

Giiker Super Blocks Review Playing

The game board lights up with just certain circles. The puzzle is figuring out how to place the blocks onto the lights so that the lights are covered completely but nothing else.

Obviously, the puzzles are super easy at first, but it does get more challenging, especially as you start working with multiple colors.

One thing I absolutely adore is that the lit circles on the gameboard start flashing if you’ve placed a piece in the wrong place. It’s much better than wondering which piece isn’t right. Of course, learning mode works well if you’re really stuck.

Giiker Super Blocks Combinations

When a challenge comes up, the bar on the left lights up to show you how much time is remaining. Surprisingly, you do get a fair amount of time to solve a challenge puzzle. When you finish, you get a letter grade. Lucky me: I got an A on the first try.

Giiker Super Blocks Review Challenge

Make sure you press the pieces down firmly, or they won’t register. Once placed, they won’t come off unless you pull them off. Removing pieces on a completed puzzle immediately starts the next level.

The GiiKER Super Blocks App

Giiker Super Blocks Review App

Afraid you might lose the pieces when traveling? Take the fun with you, thanks to the SuperBlocks app. It’s available for free for iOS and Android. There are no ads or in-app purchases constantly bombarding you.

It works similarly to the handheld version. However, it’s laid out like a path. Each section on the path is a new set of levels. The gameboard lights up just as on the handheld and shows which pieces you’ll be using.

Giiker Super Blocks Review App Play

Once you select a piece, you can tap it to easily rotate it to better fit the puzzle. If you want to skip ahead to a challenge, just look for the little devil symbol.

Giiker Super Blocks Review App Challenge

The only downside is that you’re given a set number of “blocks” when you start the app. Each level you play costs five blocks. Winning only gives you three blocks back, though challenge wins give you six blocks. To get more blocks, you have to watch ads. Choose when to watch the ads instead of them popping up after every level as with many apps.

Final Thoughts

Giiker Super Blocks Review Final

GiiKER Super Blocks offers hours of puzzle-solving fun. The great part is that you can put it down for a few weeks and go back and enjoy all the puzzles all over again. While easy to start, things do get increasingly challenging, which really helps stimulate the mind.

While the price does seem a little much for the game, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth when you start playing. And anytime you can’t take the handheld with you, just download the app. Start your puzzle solving adventure by picking up your own GiiKER Super Blocks game today for just $56.99.

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