Flexispot Sanodesk Review: A Standing Desk that Adapts to You

The Flexispot Sanodesk.


  • Weighty legs and sturdy frame
  • Simple assembly for those without experience
  • A wide range of desktop styles to choose from


  • Requires a desktop that's sold separately
  • Can dent your budget just for the desk frame alone
  • Can seem gigantic in a smaller room

Our Rating

8 / 10

There’s been a renewed focus on our health during the global pandemic. Though we’re not talking about viruses, we’re discussing our spines. Standing up while working from home could come with a number of benefits, and as this Flexispot Sanodesk review shows, it doesn’t have to impact your daily workflow.

Here we take a look at a standing desk with electronic adjustment to see if it’s a luxury item or an essential part of your working life.

Introducing the Flexispot Sanodesk Standing Desk

For the unaware, a standing desk is exactly as it sounds. It’s a desk you stand at to work. If this sounds like it would be a frivolous and unnecessary purchase, think again. There are many health concerns surrounding sitting down for long periods of time. Standing up is the antidote.

The Flexispot Sanodesk comes in two parts: the frame and the desktop. With the latter, you have a number of options to choose from in a few different choices of wood, styles, and sizes. We have the mahogany rectangle desktop and a black frame. You’ll see images of it throughout the article.

Getting Started with the Flexispot Sanodesk Standing Desk

Assembling the desk is straightforward. It doesn’t mention it anywhere within the packaging, but you’ll also need a cross-head screwdriver for some of the frame assembly. Even so, there are six steps to success, although two pairs of strong hands will need to lift the pieces (especially after assembling).

The desktop itself is nice and chunky. We tried a 55in x 28in model, and the mahogany finish is smooth and free from blemishes.

The Sanodesk's mahogany finish.

These dimensions make the whole desk spacious, even with a few items on it. For example, we have 13-inch and 16-inch MacBooks, a Rain Design mStand, a Wacom tablet, an Orange Dark Terror lunchbox guitar amplifier, and a Nikon D7500 on ours. Even with the addition of a plant and two cats, there is plenty of room:

A full layout of the Sanodesk.

Our room size is about 80 inches square, so the desk does dominate. Though, there’s lots of space under the frame and room behind for a wall of guitars:

The room layout containing the Sanodesk.

There’s still space to move, and if this desk would be in a larger room you’ll find it’ll be a snug fit.

As for the controls, they’re a piece of cake. The control panel has seven buttons and an intuitive design.

The Sanodesk Control Panel.

The up and down buttons move the desk up and down. It’s a smooth and quiet process. To save a height position, get the desk into place, then press the M button. This will bring up an identifier, at which point you’ll press either the 1 or 2 buttons to save the setting. The other settings store standing and seat height positions.

Being honest, this desk isn’t for sitting. It’s simple to set and unplug the desk, and will save you a socket, too. Though, if you do keep the desk plugged in and have little ones, holding the M button operates a child lock.

The Flexispot Sanodesk’s Pricing

As you’d imagine, this build quality and functionality comes at a price. The frame alone is around $500 to $550, which is expensive. On top, you also need to factor in the wood for the desk.

Yes, at a push you could use an old desktop if you have one, but it would need to fit the minimum measurements (120cm by 60cm) and the frame.

Flexispot also sells suitable desktops for around $100 to $150, so in all, look to spend about $600 to $700 on this standing desk. Whether this represents an outlay outside of your budget range is your decision. We think it’s something that would be an investment that would give you a number of benefits over time.

Whether You Should Buy a Flexispot Sanodesk Standing Desk

In short, we think the Flexispot Sanodesk is a top-notch standing desk for a wide variety of setups. As you’ve seen in this article, it has a lot of space, it’s solid as a rock, and is adaptable due to its electric motors.

As with many of these decisions, price is always a factor. It’s a heavy initial purchase for something you may not realize you need. We think $700 is a value, due to the quality and performance of the desk.

As such, we won’t hesitate to recommend it. For those working at home who want to make sure they’re in good health, the Flexispot Sanodesk hits the spot in a myriad of ways.

Tom Rankin
Tom Rankin

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