FlexiSpot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 Review

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  • Adjustable in almost every direction
  • Robust and stylish
  • Very comfortable and supportive


  • Can’t swing arms out of the way
  • A little pricey

Our Rating

8 / 10

Well-known for their standard office chairs, FlexiSpot also makes a range of more specialized business and home office furniture. Many office workers prize back support, as when you spend much of the day sitting quietly in a chair, it can play havoc with your back and spine health. It only gets worse as you age. This review takes a look at the FlexiSpot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 to see how it helps with such a problem.

Pain in the Neck

The FlexiSpot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 is an office chair meant for long periods of sitting. All office chairs are rated depending on the supposed average durations they will be used, so casual chairs for people in reception areas are obviously not designed for long durations. Standard office worker chairs are designed for quite a few hours – but not all day. Executive chairs are designed for entire days of sitting. This is all very logical and as you would expect.

Flexispot Backsupport Full

The FlexiSpot BS10 is definitely in the latter category, with specialized back support and adjustable arms, back height neck rest and lumbar support. It also has a very executive look, sampling visually from the DNA of industry gold standards, like the Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase chairs. There is a cool, high-tech mesh on the seat and back, a durable and attractive fabric, and even tasteful wood-like panels. This is a classy-looking chair that would not look out of place in a plush top floor office suite.

Flexispot Backsupport Back Full

The chair comes in a very sturdy cardboard box, with some assembly required to get it from flatpack to furniture. The instructions are clear and simple to follow.

Got Your Back

One of the key things about back support furniture is it has to be adjustable. One-size-fits-all chairs do your back no favors, as they force you to fit a standard-person shape and provide no tailored support. Tailored support is where the magic happens.

Flexispot Backsupport Lumbar

You have a range of different adjustments on this chair. The seat rises and falls, of course, but the seat also slides forward and back. This comes in handy with different body sizes, frames, and dare I say it: curves. You can alter the chair to support and accommodate you.

Flexispot Backsupport Arm Angles

Altering the distance between your buttocks and the chair back means you can precisely define the relationship between the seat and back. If you are of a fuller figure, as many of us are, this means you can make the chair comfortable and fit it to your shape. The curve between your buttocks and spine is individual, and precise control over that distance enhances comfort enormously. Correct seating of your spine at the back of the chair enhances support, as it pushes your lower back and holds it into the lumbar support.

Flexispot Backsupport Neck

The lumbar support mechanism pushes into the small of your back through the mesh of the seat back. Like all critical areas of the chair, it’s adjustable, so you can place it where you need it. This height preference is different for everyone, either under or on the problem area.

Flexispot Backsupport Side

The armrests swivel in a variety of ways. If you work with your hands and arms placed on a desk all day, you can adjust the height of the armrests and even fold them right into your body. This means your elbows are resting directly beneath your shoulders rather than splaying out to find widely spaced armrests. They also fold outwards to make a bigger gap between the front of them, if you find they are snagging your clothes.

Flexispot Backsupport Armrest

The back of the chair reclines and locks, allowing you to take short naps at your desk in perfectly supported comfort. The controls for shifting the seat, the chair height and tipping the back are all within easy reach in the usual place under both sides of the seat.

Flexispot Backsupport Seat Controls

So how comfortable is it? Of course I can’t really be certain about the benefits of an adjustable chair for your back health. That’s a purely individual matter, but it’s a very comfortable chair. Initially, it seems a bit too firm, as lots of gaming chairs are soft and padded, but this is not a chair for play – it’s a chair for work!

The adjustments need a little bit of tinkering to get them just right for your body shape. Once you have it set correctly, it’s very firm and supportive. Although firm, it can be persuaded to give a little, like the reclining setting, for example. It’s a cool, multipurpose and certainly executive chair.

Flexispot Backsupport Feet

There aren’t many downsides to this chair. The price means it’s not a domestic item but a business purchase. If I had any criticism, it’s that the armrests don’t fold down. This is a chair which always has arms.


The Flexispot BackSupport Office Chair BS10 is a well-built and durable office chair representing a comfortable and adjustable option. It retails at £399.99, but discounts and special offers crop up from time to time. This is a chair for work, and by using its adjustable features, you can stay focused and comfortable for however long you need to get the job done.

Phil South
Phil South

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