FIIL CC2 Wireless Earbuds Review

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  • Great sound quality
  • Fairly comfortable and stable in the ears
  • Voice quality and noise-cancellation are top notch
  • Sleek and stylish aesthetic


  • In-app equalizer presets are largely worse than the stock sound profile

Our Rating

8 / 10

The wireless audio market is fraught with competition, but the FIIL CC2 Wireless Earbuds still stick out due to their competitive pricing, advertised features, and sleek aesthetic. Do these wireless earbuds live up to the hype, or do they fall short of the finish line? It’s time to dive in and find out in this detailed review.

The Hardware

Fiil Cc2 Review In The Box

The initial impressions of the FIIL CC2 were quite promising. Inside the box is the charging case (with earbuds inside), a USB-C-to-A cable for charging said case, a quick start guide, and a detailed manual.

Fiil Cc2 Review Charging Case 1

The charging case is a particular highlight. With a metallic finish, it looks nice and feels sturdy in the hand. It also holds quite the decent charge: after charging it once, I was able to recharge the earbuds five times, and with an estimated battery life of five hours on each, I found myself only rarely needing to plug the charging case in during the period that I evaluated these earbuds.

Fiil Cc2 Review Charging Case 2

While less obvious in the outdoor photo posted previously, you can tell from the indoor photo posted just above that there are glowing LEDs present when your earbuds are in the charging case. If these LEDs are white, they’re charging. For a brief period after you remove them from the case and until you pair them over Bluetooth, the LEDs will turn blue. In regular use, though, they’re inactive.

Fiil Cc2 Review The Earbuds

Now, let’s talk about the earbuds themselves.

If you’re familiar with Apple’s AirPods, these have basically the same form factor. These earbuds fit snugly but are quite light and comfortable in the ears. I had little issue taking comfortable naps with these earbuds inside my ears, and even when lifting weights or jogging, I didn’t experience any issues with them falling out.

Audio-wise, I did notice a downgrade from my open-back Hi-Fi headphones that I use while at my desktop, but these are earbuds: they aren’t really expected to compete with full-sized Hi-Fi headphones. For most consumers, though, this isn’t really a difference that you’ll notice, and compared to most other earbuds I’ve used, the audio quality is actually greatly improved.

I have a decently varied taste in music, and I tested nearly my entire Spotify library with these earbuds at their stock settings over the last week that I’ve spent testing them. I have yet to come across anything that doesn’t sound like it should, especially when compared to other earbuds I’ve tried.

For voice calls, these earbuds are basically perfect. Even with my window fan blowing in at full speed a few feet from me, the advertised noise-canceling did its job and relayed my voice with clarity during my calls and gaming sessions. For voice calls and gaming, the sound quality in these earbuds is more than enough, and the addition of noise-canceling goes a very long way in improving call quality.

The earbuds by themselves don’t tell the full story, though. In fact, some controls and features are locked behind the app, which you will learn about below.

The Software

Fiil Cc2 Review App Device List

After downloading the FIIL CC2 app, I immediately wanted to dive in and start tweaking settings. There are three main screens in the app: a device list (pictured above), an equalizer and volume controls, and a list of advanced settings toggles. The device list is pretty self-explanatory and will report the estimated listening time of each earbud, as well as the charge percentage of every device being used.

Fiil Cc2 Review App Eq Settings

The equalizer presets I actually found quite underwhelming. This feels like a pair of earbuds where you aren’t meant to change from the stock settings – as the stock settings are actually pretty good. Switching to the Bass or Treble preset tended to worsen my listening experience. The genre-specific presets didn’t seem to do much better, but you can also set your own custom EQ pattern for the most discerning enthusiasts. For most actual users, I recommend just keeping it at Original for the best experience with the FIIL CC2 Wireless Earbuds.

Fiil Cc2 Review App Advanced Settings

The Settings screen has a few toggles you can activate, as well as an OTA Firmware update option. The “Advanced Settings” option only provides the ability to reset settings to stock, though, so don’t be fooled into thinking there’s extra customization behind that button.

The two big toggles you’ll see are for Full Control Mode and Low latency mode. For most of my use of these headphones, I didn’t bother with these Modes, but I tested Low latency when gaming and thought it worked well.

Full Control Mode will be the more interesting one for most users, though, since it adds extra controls to each earbud. Whether or not this will appeal to you really depends on how used to these kinds of controls you are. They worked fine in my use, but I found that I preferred manual controls on my phone over learning per-ear touch controls.

Fiil Cc2 Review App Advanced Controls
The Full Control Mode screen in the app, which also displays the controls

The Concluding Thoughts

In short: I think they’re great. They’re comfortable, they sound really good for a pair of earbuds, and they’re competitively priced. Add stellar noise cancellation on the mic, great battery life, and a sleek aesthetic to the equation, and you’d be hard-pressed to find earbuds that are better in every way at this range.

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