eMeet c960 HD Webcam Review

Emeet C960 Webcam Review Featured Image


  • Competitive pricing
  • Great stand for use with a large variety of devices
  • Low-profile storage and folding available
  • Great picture quality
  • Great sound capture, including noise reduction


  • Low-light correction may over-correct

Our Rating

8 / 10

It’s great that desktops and laptops come with built-in webcams, but sometimes they don’t meet up to expectations. If you’re in that position, you may be looking for another option. The eMeet c960 HD Webcam is a 1080p 30 FPS webcam boasting a variety of features. How does it stand up to inspection, and is this the one that could replace your built-in webcam?

Initial Impressions

Emeet C960 Webcam Review Unbox

Besides the webcam itself, there isn’t much in the box with the eMeet C960 HD Webcam besides the standard padding and instruction manual. Don’t worry, though, as you’ll find that all you’ll need for standing or mounting the webcam is actually built into it once you explore it a little further.

Getting Started

Emeet C960 Webcam Review Setup Extend

Unfolding the webcam’s two-part stand reveals a fairly impressive height. The head where the webcam is actually held can still be tilted here too, even to where its focus is pointing straight upward.

Emeet C960 Webcam Review Stand Folded Facing Upward

Unique configurations aside, you’ll most likely be mounting yours on top of your laptop or monitor of choice. While I don’t have a laptop to test it with, the little clasp beneath the webcam and the foldable stand should be more than enough for a laptop. The flexibility of the stand also made it fairly easy to mount on my PC monitor (pardon the dust), pictured below:

Emeet C960 Webcam Review Mounted

The Viewing Experience

When I first plugged in the webcam, I hopped into Windows 10’s Camera app and observed that the feed looked more than a little over-brightened. It was actually midday in my room when I took the photo embedded below.

Emeet C960 Webcam Review Sample Default
Default Brightness Shot

But a simple adjustment to a brightness slighter presented a remarkably clear and accurate-to-the-eye image. This image is also pictured below:

Emeet C960 Webcam Review Sample Adjusted
Adjusted Brightness Shot

You may need to make brightness adjustments, but chances are a lot of your dedicated video chat software, like Discord, will make those adjustments for you anyway. If it doesn’t, and you notice at some point that your video feed makes you look over- or under-brightened, a quick adjustment to the relevant settings should fix that quickly.

When using the webcam in personal video calls, I found that it captured fairly smoothly at the advertised 30 FPS without a distracting amount of motion blur. Some low-quality webcams may advertise they reach 30 FPS but in actuality don’t. I’m pleased to report that there is no such problem here with the eMeet C960 HD Webcam.


Besides serving as a webcam, the eMeet webcam also works as a surprisingly competent microphone, thanks to the dual, noise-reducing mics on either side of the camera. Because of this feature, you won’t have to worry about buying a separate mic if you don’t have one already. It also means you won’t have to rely on a low-quality built-in mic on your laptop either. This makes sense: if you’re not relying on the built-in webcam, why rely on your built-in mic?

The Verdict

Overall, I would say the eMeet C960 is a feature-complete HD webcam that offers everything you could reasonably ask for in its price range. While I won’t single out other webcams in particular, I’ll also say that the wide lens and actual 30 FPS capture go a long way in making the image on the eMeet C960 look better than it has on other 1080p webcams I’ve used.

The addition of the dual microphones and extremely adjustable stand are definitely a bonus in this regard, too. The out-of-box brightness settings didn’t seem to agree with Windows’s Camera app, but it worked fairly well with video chats when I used it.

You can buy the eMeet C960 HD Webcam now for just $33.99.

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Christopher Harper

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