EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Featured


  • Long range of 99 ft. and up
  • Omnidirectional mic
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Ergonomic design with two earpad options


  • Earpads are difficult to remove

Our Rating

9 / 10

While Bluetooth headsets are great for hands-free calls, they don't always have a great range on them. The EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset is designed to let you move around freely, without being tethered to your phone or computer. If you like to walk around while talking, this could be perfect for you. I recently had the pleasure of testing this headset to see if it really does go the distance.

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Overview of Features

The EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Headset is built with truckers, warehouse workers, call centers, and conference meetings in mind. Two standout features make this headset ideal for those types of scenarios: an impressive range and noise-canceling mic.

First, let's talk about the range. Indoors and where there are obstacles, such as buildings and walls, you can expect a range of up to 99 ft. (33 m). Even if you're walking around in a warehouse, you can continue talking easily – even if you don't have your phone with you. Without obstacles, such as outdoors, this distance can increase to up to 164 ft. (50 m).

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Overview

Next up, the AI-powered environmental noise-canceling (ENC) mic drastically reduces ambient noise around you, up to a 99.8% reduction, so all people hear is you talking. Naturally, this is perfect for noisy environments.

You get faster and more stable Bluetooth connections with Bluetooth 5.0. There's even a Bluetooth USB dongle to ensure compatibility with a wider range of devices, such as computers.

The 500mAh battery lasts up to 57 hours for music or up to 30 hours for talk. Better yet, it charges fully in just 1.5 hours.

Adjust the volume or even mute your mic, thanks to easy access buttons on the earpiece. The headset itself is fully adjustable, and the mic adjusts so that you can wear the headset over your right or left ear.

The ergonomic design features a silicone piece that sits comfortably above your ear to balance the headset without causing any pressure on your head. Two different CloudSoft ear cushions (one cloth and one faux leather) are soft and breathable.

Getting Set Up

The EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Headset includes:

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Started
  • The headset with the faux leather earpad installed
  • Cloth earpad
  • Charging cable (USB-C)
  • USB Bluetooth dongle
  • User manual
  • Carrying pouch

The earpiece is fairly simple with four buttons: volume up/down, Bluetooth pairing/power, and mic on/off. The power button is actually a multi-function button that lets you answer and reject calls, use your voice assistant, and redial the last number.

Getting started was as simple as turning the headset on and waiting for it to pair with my phone. It only took around 10 seconds the first time. After that, it paired within a few seconds.

A simple adjustment to the cushioned band, which is a thicker silicone pad to prevent sliding, and I was ready to start using the headset.

An Impressive Range

I often lay my phone down and walk around doing things around the house while talking, so I'm forever losing the connection when I go too far. I had no issues leaving my phone at one end of my house and walking to the other. Since my house isn't as long as the distance listed in the product description, I had to go outside to really test things out.

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Test

I laid my phone on my back porch and walked just under 200 ft. away before I heard static and the headset disconnected. Once I walked back within range, it immediately reconnected as if nothing had happened.

To say I'm impressed is an understatement. There was absolutely zero interference or static until I had reached the max range.

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Dongle

When I tested it using my PC and the Bluetooth dongle, I left my PC inside while I went outside. The range was less due to walls, but I still managed to go around 130 ft. before I lost the connection.

Quiet Calls No Matter What's Going On

It was fall when I tested the EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Headset, so there's a blanket of loud, crinkly leaves on the ground. I called a friend and walked around loudly outside and also had traffic nearby. They didn't hear anything but me. I also didn't have any issues hearing them.

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Mic

I even tried banging on a box, rattling plastic bags, and standing near a loud TV, and all they ever heard was a dull thump one time. The mic really does block out environmental noise incredibly well. The way the earpad fits around the ear, I also wasn't distracted by surrounding noises. I could actually hear better than when I usse earbuds that fit in the ear.

Comfortable Feel All Day

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Pads

As a personal preference, I liked the cloth earpad best, but both were comfortable. That brings up my only real complaint about the EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Headset: the earpads are difficult to remove. You have to twist them a little to get the to detach, but they fit tightly and don't come off without some work. However, that's also a good thing, as you don't want them popping off randomly. I did love that you can remove them to wash them when needed, though.

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Silicone

The silicone brace on the opposite side contours perfectly to your head, and the earpad sits gently against your ear. Even as I moved around, the headset didn't move much at all.

After several hours of wear, I didn't have the usual sweaty ear or the start of a headache that comes from a headset pressing against the sides of your head. It felt lightweight and comfortable. I could see this working well for all-day wear at work.

Final Thoughts

Eksa Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset Review Final

If comfort, range, and incredible call quality are at the top of list, the EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Headset will deliver on all three. The ergonomic design makes it feel like a much smaller headset, while the ENC helps you be heard clearly, even in noisy environments. Plus, the range gives you ample room to roam while talking.

You can pick up the EKSA Telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset for just $61.09 by clipping the $10 Amazon coupon. If you're outside of the US, you can still get this great headset for $64.99 by shopping directly through EKSA.

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