eco4life Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights Review: Get the Party Started

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review


  • 180 lights per set
  • Cut to fit every few inches
  • Connectors included for additional strips
  • Control via remote, app, or voice
  • Set schedules, timers, and custom light scenes


  • Music sync doesn't always work well
  • Lights are waterproof but remote and adapter aren't

Our Rating

8 / 10

The right light sets the mood for a relaxing night in, a fun party, or even just great backlighting. While installing lights can be a pain, LED strip lights might it simple and an easy way to add light where you need it. The eco4life Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights offer fully adjustable lights for any reason and occasion. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the lights myself.

Overview of Features

LED strip lights have long been a popular way to brighten up any area, especially if you’re looking to add a pop of color. The eco4life Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights not only do all this but can be controled from any iOS (8 and higher) or Android (5.0 and higher) device. There’s also an attached remote that can control up to five connected strips at once.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Overview

There’s no hub required to use this smart light strip. However, you can use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control them with your voice. Each high-density strip features approximately 18 lights per foot versus the standard density, which features around a third of those lights. This means more light from the same strip. Plus, at 450 lumens, they’ll definitely light up any area.

Control the lights remotely via the app or your voice on a 2.4 GHz network. It’s important to note that these won’t work on 5.0 GHz networks.

Connect multiple strips together using quick snap adapters, which are included in the box.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Connector

You’re also able to cut the strip to best fit your needs. Marked cutting areas are spaced every few inches apart. The set I tested comes with three strips that are 3 feet each and already connected.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Strip

Naturally, these are color changing LED lights. Easily adjust the brightness, color, and light pattern (static or a variety of color changing options). Set schedules and timers so you can “set it and forget it.” They’ll even sync with ambient music to better set the tone for a party or small gathering or just add a nice backdrop during an intense gaming session.

The light strips themselves are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoors and pool areas. However, the remote and power adapter aren’t waterproof, so keep them out of the weather.

In the Box

Everything you need to get started with the eco4life Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights is included in the box. What impressed me was there was more than just an adhesive strip to keep the lights in place. There’s an adhesive strip on the backs of the lights themselves and clips that come with 3M adhesive pieces to stick the clips in place.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Box

The remote is attached to one of the strips, so you definitely won’t lose it. The power adapter connects to the end of the strip. As long as you have an outlet nearby, you’re ready to start using the lights.

Installing the Lights

Installation is simple. Choose where you want to install the eco4life Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights. All three strips were attached on the spool, but you can detach them where the connectors meet or cut the strip. Only cut the strip where it’s marked, otherwise, you’ll damage the lights. Quick connectors are included to add additional strips or connect cut pieces back together. I didn’t cut anything during my test, but the areas are clearly marked.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Installing

Clean the surface where you want to install the lights. Simply peeling the adhesive backing off and sticking them to the desired surface works well. Press firmly for 15-30 seconds to ensure they stay put. I didn’t have any issues with them falling during the week I used them.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Adhesive

You can also use the included clips. The strip lights snap in well. If you’re planning on moving them often, this might be a better option so that you don’t have to find long strips of adhesive backing for the strips themselves.

Once installed, it’s time to download the app to set everything up.

Using the eco4life App

The instructions advise installing the free eco4life app before powering the lights on. However, they do work without the app, too. They’re just not quite as “smart.” The button on the remote lets you cycle through the basic settings but not much else.

The app is free for iOS and Android. The app steps you through connecting the lights to your network. It only takes a few minutes, and then you’re ready to start controlling the lights.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review App Setup

By default, they’re on the brightest setting, but you can easily adjust this within the app. From a single screen, you’re able to choose a color, the brightness, and color intensity. Go from a bright neon green to a muted lavender in a second.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Light Settings

There are eight preset patterns in the app, but you’re free to edit and customize to your needs. Create custom scenes with your desired flashing pattern, color, and more. New scenes show up in your app to use at the tap of a finger or your voice.

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Scenes

The app really is incredibly easy to use. There aren’t many menus and options, so everything’s intuitive.

Want to sync your lights to music? Switch to the music area of the app. A microphone in the remote listens for music and adjusts the light intensity and flashing to the music. During my tests, this sort of worked. Sometimes the lights just flashed rapidly, even with soft piano music playing in the background. Another time they worked perfectly. Without any noise, they just flash rapidly. When this setting worked, it took around 15 seconds to adjust to the music.

Final Thoughts

Eco4life Wi Fi Led Strip Lights Review Final

Overall, I enjoyed using the eco4life Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights. They’re a breeze to install and easy to customize to the length you need. The app puts you in complete control over the lights. From schedules to presets, you can have the lights ready to use and flashing in the pattern you want in just a few minutes at most.

The vibrant colors look great. I love how easily it is to dim them when needed for softer colors, too. While I wish the music sync worked a bit better, that’s really the only flaw I can find.

Try them out yourself directly at eco4life for $49.99 or Amazon for $39.99.

Crystal Crowder
Crystal Crowder

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