dser RoboGeek 20T Review: Robot Vacuum with Everything You Need

Dser Robot Vacuum Featured


  • Convenient remote storage
  • Clamshell dust bin
  • Max cleaning mode
  • Cable ties included for wires
  • Cord storage


  • Difficult to line up vacuum on sensors
  • Instructions regarding buttons on top can get mixed up

Our Rating

8 / 10

The first reason robot vacuum cleaners pull on you and force you to consider buying one is the basic thought that it takes one of your chores away. But what makes you give a robot vacuum a second look is when it can give you what you need in a floor cleaner while also cleaning your floors effectively, such as the dser RoboGeek 20T

The RoboGeek includes things not found on other vacuums in its price range, such as an onboard holder for the remote. And still, it goes back to basics and cleans your floors well, and that’s what makes you glad that you gave it more than just two looks.

Introducing the RoboGeek 20T Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re just starting out with robotic vacuums, the dser RoboGeek 20T makes a fantastic choice. It will give you everything you’re looking for in a first robot vacuum. It’s easy to use, will clean independently, and will do a great job.

As with many robot vacuum cleaners, it works on most flooring. That’s always important to me, as most of my flooring is either laminated or tile. I only have carpeting in my bedroom. And at nearly 20 years old, that’s on its way out later this year as well. But the RoboGeek 20T does a great job keeping it clean in the meantime.

Setting Up the dser RoboGeek 20T

Inside the box, it comes with the vacuum itself, a remote, side brushes, the charging dock, a filter, a cleaning brush, and boundary tape. It also comes with cable ties for you to tie up your loose cords and get them out of the way of the vacuum.

Review Dser Robogeek Vacuum Unboxing

To prepare to use the vacuum for the first time, plug the adapter into the charging dock and place it against the wall. You want to have it on a flat surface and against the wall, with at least six feet in front of it and three feet on either side. Just to show dser truly thinks of everything, there is even a spot in the base where you can store the extra length of cord after you plug it into the wall.

Review Dser Robogeek Vacuum Side Brushes

You will need to install the side brushes on the bottom of the vacuum. You will only need two. The others are extra. They simply snap onto the bottom. This is standard in most robot vacuum cleaners. While it’s upside down, activate the vacuum by turning the switch on.

Review Dser Robotgeek Vacuum Charging

To charge the RoboGeek vacuum, place it in the charging dock, making sure the contacts on the dock match up with the ones underneath the vacuum. You will hear a series of tones when it matches up correctly.

The remote fits nicely in the top of the charger while it awaits use. The button will blink orange while it’s charging. Once it’s ready to go, it will turn blue.

Using the dser RoboGeek 20T

Review Dser Robogeek Vacuum Ready

Press the power button on the top of the vacuum to wake the vacuum and take it out of standby mode. Press it a second time to start cleaning. Alternatively, you can hit the “AUTO” button on the remote.

Review Dser Robogeek Vacuum Cleaning

Before you start cleaning, you need to make sure everything is off the floor, and this is where the cable ties come in. You need to either put the boundary tape down where you don’t want the vacuum to go or block it off in some way. Personally, I just put physical barriers up after watching a different robot cleaner go down the stairs. They are designed to detect such things and to not do that, but if the contacts get dirty, they can fall.

There are multiple different modes for cleaning, and these are accessible through the remote. In all, when the vacuum reaches carpeting or a hard-to-clean patch of flooring, it will increase its suction. Note that in the picture above, the vacuum has not peeled the paint off the wood flooring. That is really tile that looks like that by design.

Auto cleaning: the vacuum will move independently around your home and clean the entire level it is placed on, switching directions as is warranted.

Spot cleaning: the vacuum will spiral outward in a three-foot diameter circle and then spiral back inward to intensely clean one area.

Edge cleaning: the vacuum will move around the edges of cabinets, furniture, etc., with its right edge and clean very close to the edge and in the corners.

Single room cleaning: the vacuum will intensely clean one room for thirty minutes if you close the door or block it off and place it in this mode.

Max cleaning: the vacuum cleans more deeply in this mode.

Manual cleaning: the vacuum will move about and clean by your direction only by pressing on the arrow keys and play and pause.

You can also set a schedule to have the dser RoboGeek vacuum the floors on its own at a scheduled time.

Review Dser Robogeek Vacuum Performance

I found all cleaning modes to work as described and appreciated that there were a few more modes, unlike other robot vacuums I have used, such as max cleaning and single room cleaning. It worked well on my three different types of flooring: carpet, tile, and laminate.

For the Auto cleaning mode, the robot vacuum move in a specific direction until it about to reach the wall, then it turns and move in another direction. Unlike the higher end robot vacuum that maps out your house layout and move in a systematic manner, this vacuum moves in a random way.

Despite that, this dser robot vacuum is still able to pick up nearly everything that was on the floor — dirt, dust, and dog hair. If there was something larger on the floor, such as larger than a quarter, the vacuum would not pick it up, making it the same as other vacuums I have tried.

As promised, the vacuum slowed down when it reached an area that needed a deeper clean. I have either never had that before, or the slowness was never that dramatic of a difference for me to notice. This is a great feature. In fact, I found that it wouldn’t leave an area until it was clean. This is also something I have not found before. I would often grow frustrated waiting for the vacuum to go back to a spot I felt needed more care and would manually move the vacuum back there. But I never had to do that with the RoboGeek.

While the basic cleaning is the same as other robot vacuums in its price range, it’s the extras that make the dser RoboGeek shine. While the basic cleaning is the same, I didn’t have to move the vacuum on my own to cover the spots that needed a deeper clean. I did less work.

Review Dser Robogeek Vacuum Carpet

When the vacuum is through cleaning, it will return to its charger on its own. If it runs out of battery before it’s done, it will also return to its charger.

If there isn’t a clear path to the charger and it can’t “see” it, it will get confused and won’t be able to return. At that point you have to manually put it back in its charger. Really the only negative for me is that I have a hard time getting it back on the contacts the right way. Not that I struggle a long time with it, but I’m just never sure between the lights and the beeping if it’s on right, and there have been times where it wasn’t fully charged because of that.

Either way, you need to put it in standby mode when it’s done. Do this by holding down the power button until the power indicators turn off.

Review Dser Robogeek Vacuum Dust Bin

With the vacuum in standby mode, you’ll want to empty the dust bin. This is another place where the RoboGeek shines. With other vacuums you have to shake them or stick your fingers in them to get all the dirt out. But with the RoboGeek, after you slide the dust bin out, it opens up via a clamshell design to easily dump out the dirt.

There are also other tasks that must be done regularly to clean and maintain the robot vacuum. The filter, extractors, brushes, wheels, and sensors need to be cleaned and maintained.


The dser RoboGeek 20T robot vacuum is currently offered at $199.99, placing it mid-range. It’s a little higher priced than those budget unknown brands, but it’s lower than the cheapest iRobot Roomba.

Final Thoughts

Again, the dser RoboGeek 20T robot vacuum gives you everything you are looking for in a vacuum and does it all well. You will never feel like it has not cleaned your floors adequately. There are so many extras that it provides above other robot vacuums and just has that one nagging difficulty of lining it up on its charger.

For the price point of just under $200, you may be challenged to find a vacuum with so many extras. I was challenged to find an appropriate rating. As far as the basic cleaning function, it’s average, with with the extra modes, features, and accessories, it deserved a higher rating.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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