Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds Review

Donner Dobuds One Earbuds Featured 2


  • Dual drivers for immersive sound
  • 5 sets of ear tips for maximum comfort
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Create custom settings in app


  • Ear tips difficult to remove

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9 / 10

Earbuds shouldn’t just let you hear audio but fully experience every nuance of sound the way you want. That’s exactly what the Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds aim to do. The earbuds are designed to create an immersive experience that helps you forget the world around you – but how well do they deliver on this promised sound? I recently had the pleasure to test drive the Dobuds ONE myself.

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Overview of Features

The Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds are designed to outperform all similarly priced earbuds on the market, in large part due to the dual driver: one dynamic driver for a richer bass response and one custom balanced armature driver to highlight more delicate sounds. The result is a higher sound quality that lets you hear music, games, calls, and more far more clearly. The two drivers perfectly complement each other for a high-fidelity sound.

What also helps set the Dobuds ONE apart from the competition is the companion app. While not required to enjoy the earbuds, I highly recommend using it. By providing one touch equalizer settings, it’s easy to customize audio to your environment and audio, such as one setting for music and another for gaming.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Immersive

You can choose to listen while still picking up the sounds around you or turn on digital active noise reduction to reduce outside noises by up to 30 dB. And, thanks to ENC call noise reduction, callers hear you and not everything around you. Each earbud includes four mics: two for picking up your voice and two for processing and filtering out environmental sounds, such as wind.

The earbuds have been carefully designed for long-wearing comfort. Not only are five tips sizes included, but you never have to worry about them slipping off the earbuds. An inner hard layer is made to be difficult to remove, while the outer soft layer cushions the ear from the earbud.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Tip

The earbud tips are treated with a dust-resistant coating to help them stay cleaner. The earbuds are also daylife waterproof, meaning they’re safe from sweat, light rain, and drizzle.

A full charge on the earbuds and case will last you up to 32 hours with ANC off, and just 10 to 15 minutes of charge time gives you two hours of power.

These earbuds sport the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, so you get to enjoy more stable connections, diminished latency, and lower power consumption.

In the Box

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Box

The compact packaging of the Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds includes:

  • Earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • 4 additional earbud tips
Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Tips

The instructional manual does a great job of covering the basics and all the touch gestures. However, the app includes a quick start manual as well if you ever lose this one.

While the earbuds come in four colors – snow white, matte black, mint green, and navy blue – I received a snow white pair for the review. These actually look really nice, especially with the pinkish ear tips.

Connecting the Earbuds

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Earbuds

Pairing the Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds with my phone took less than 30 seconds. I wanted to give them a test run before experimenting with the app. Surprisingly, the earbuds were already fully charged, so I was able to play around a little before charging them. More on just how well they sounded later on.

The next step was to connect the Dobuds ONE to the companion app. The Donner Control app is free for both iOS and Android. I had to turn on both Bluetooth and Location permissions to let the app and earbuds connect.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review App Connect

Make sure you don’t have any other app open on your device that might be trying to use the earbuds. Otherwise, they won’t connect to the Donner Control app.

Overall, it took around a minute for the app to recognize the earbuds. After that, they connected almost instantly upon opening the app.

Exploring the App

I’ll admit that having to install yet another app might not be appealing to some users, but you don’t have to use it at all if you don’t want to; however, I feel it enriches the experience. For example, the default Donner Signature equalizer profile sounds nice, but for music, I much preferred the Rock profile for the deeper bass.

The app is simple and straightforward without a lot of complicated menus or options. From the home screen, you can quickly switch between listening modes: ANC, Normal, and Trans. Normal provides a good balance between your audio and the environment around you, while Trans lets a little more environmental noise in, which is good if you need to be more aware of what’s around you.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review App Home

Another thing I love is that you’re able to customize the touch gestures. Prefer to switch around the volume up and down? You can. You can even change how many taps are involved for different functions.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review App Gesture

Of course, the real gem is the equalizer settings. There are six pre-created profiles, which may be all most users need. Or, create your own custom profile by playing around with the manual equalizer settings. You can save your profile to use whenever you want.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review App Equalizer

Immersive Sound You Can Customize

Before I dive into the sound, let me say that the ear tips are incredibly difficult to remove, which is kind of a good thing. These won’t slip off during use. To change the tips, turn the soft layer inside out and use your fingernail tip to gently work the hard layer lose. Don’t just try to pull or you might damage the tip.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Audio

At the price point, I was expecting good sound, but nothing amazing. I definitely didn’t expect to start up Kansas’s “Carry On My Wayward Son” and hear that first bass thump vibrate in my ear as the song really picks up. I tried out a variety of tunes, from pop and rock to country and classical. Everything sounded great.

What I loved most was the range of sound. It’s not just a bunch of bass or mid-range sounds – though, I was impressed with the bass on these earbuds. Instead, I got a much fuller audio experience, catching higher frequencies just as well as lower ones.

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Listen

Of course, I also tested out the different noise cancellation modes. In a crowded restaurant, I couldn’t hear anything but the loudest noises (heavily muffled, though) with ANC turned on. In Normal mode, the focus was still on the audio, but I could pick out sounds that were closer to me. With Trans mode, I could easily hear the bustle around me but still hear my music plainly.

At night where I live, it’s hard to hear a call outside with traffic, summer insects, and night birds. There’s also random windy nights. So, I tested the ENC feature outdoors to really see how well the Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds performed.

I made a call without the earbuds and then a second with them. The person I called thought I had walked into a quiet room indoors. That’s how much of a difference there was. Plus, with less noise coming through the earbuds, I could hear them better too.

Final Thoughts

Donner Dobuds Wireless Earbuds Review Final

The Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds perform above and beyond other earbuds at the mid-range price point. The full, immersive sound is impressive. Plus, they really are comfortable enough to wear for hours and stay in securely during exercise and walking around.

One charge, even with ANC on, lasted for almost four days six or seven hours of daily use.

You can grab your own pair of Donner Dobuds ONE Wireless Earbuds for just $49.99. But, use code BTSCH815 to get 10% off and use this link to get an extra 20% off, dropping the price to just $36.

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