DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera Review

Ddpai Mini5 Mte Hero


  • Elegant design
  • Intuitive companion app 
  • Incredible camera quality 
  • Blazing fast data transfer speeds


  • Somewhat lengthy pairing process 
  • Lacks a built-in screen

Our Rating

8 / 10

Whether it be reckless drivers, irresponsible pedestrians, or inclement weather, driving has its risks, and owning a dash cam can help you manage them. Worried about your items being stolen while your vehicle is parked in place? What if you find yourself getting into an accident or maybe wrongfully receiving a parking ticket? This review examines the DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera to see if it’s the device that will prove your innocence or ensure your safety the next time you take to the streets in your vehicle.

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Specs and Features

Thankfully, the DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera captures crystal clear footage to keep you covered with advanced features, including collision detection, thanks to a dedicated g-force sensor. This sleek-looking dash cam delivers on its promises, offering camera quality that is much more impressive than you would expect, especially at such an affordable price. The following is a breakdown of the full specifications: 

  • Camera: 8MP Sony IM415 STARVIS Sensor
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD (3840x2160p @ 30fps) with loop recording and 140-degree FOV
  • Wireless Connectivity: Built-in GPS and 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Storage: 64 GB eMMC
  • Dimensions: 1.46’’ x 1.02’’ x 4.17’’
  • Motion Sensor: g-force (collision detection and 24-hr. parking monitoring)

Unboxing Experience

It is abundantly clear that DDPAI takes pride in its packaging. In fact, unpacking the DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera felt more like unboxing a flagship smartphone than a dash cam. After sliding off the protective cover, you will see the Mini5 nestled in a dark cardboard inlay beside a message from the CEO, embossed with an iridescent finish. A pull tab reveals the essential accessories needed to charge and install the Mini5. You will find the following items packed inside the box:

  • DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera
  • User manual
  • Mounting bracket
  • USB-A car charger (cigarette lighter input)
  • 9.84’ USB-A to USB-C power cord
  • 2 3M mounting adhesive pads
  • Installation tool
  • 2 electrostatic stickers
Ddpai Box

The included user manual features dedicated QR codes to direct the user to the respective landing pages for either the iOS or Android version of the DDPAI app.

To pair the Mini5 to your smartphone, you will need to do so using a Wi-Fi connection. After a few tries, I was able to connect to the Mini5 by disabling then reenabling Wi-Fi on my iPhone. To access footage from the Mini5, I had to repeat this process, which could be cumbersome over time.

Ddpai Iphone App

While Bluetooth connectivity may have allowed for a more reliable experience, it is clear why DDPAI opted to utilize Wi-Fi connectivity, since the Mini5’s 5GHz technology allows for digital transfer speeds that are up to 300 percent faster than DDPAI’s top competitors, which mostly offer 2.4GHz speeds.

The lack of a built-in screen, however, makes the largely unstable pairing workflow a clear drawback. The impressive playback quality and transfer speeds make this a palatable tradeoff.

Transferring footage from the Mini5 to my iPhone was a near-instant process with the progress bar filling the screen for only a second or so before I was able to share the footage with my friends.

Docking Your Dash Cam

Installing the DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera proved to be easier than expected, taking less than 15 minutes. I applied one of the electrostatic stickers before sliding the Mini5 into the mounting bracket and peeling off the 3M adhesive. After I mounted the Mini5, I was able to peel off the electrostatic sticker to make quick adjustments.

Interestingly enough, I inadvertently triggered collision detection after removing the electrostatic sticker to readjust the device. The Mini5 automatically captured and saved footage to my iPhone. This inspired confidence in the product, even before I went on my first drive with it.

Ddpai Installed

The DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera features a built-in USB-C port for power, which makes installation a breeze if you happen to already have a USB-C power cord inside your vehicle. Nobody wants their dash looking like a rat’s nest of wires. The included installation tool conveniently came in handy allowing me to tuck the extra-long cable nearly out of sight for a clean tangle-free look.

Ddpai Cord Tool

Tip: Before mounting your dash camera it is important to check state and local regulations regarding legality, device placement, and other guidelines. This review was conducted in California, where dash cams are legal to use, so long as they are positioned in a five-inch square in the lower corner nearest to the driver or in a seven-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield on the passenger side.

Hitting the Road

After activating the Mini5 viewfinder on my iPhone using the DDPAI app, I began my trek into the unknown. By that I mean I drove around town during the day and at night, when I encountered some light rain. Speaking of climate, the Mini5 is designed for the most extreme weather conditions, able to withstand temperatures that fall below zero (-4°F) and climb 158°F above it.

The camera itself delivered stunning visual clarity, with street signs and license plates remaining legible, even in dimly lit scenarios. While I did not encounter any issues relating to glare, The polarizer filter on the camera lens complements the Sony IM415 sensor enough to eliminate the need for a dedicated anti-glare filter. The app can be used in portrait or landscape orientation and feedback latency was minimal.

A feature called SR 2.0 can be toggled on or off, allowing you to view real-time information, such as distance, altitude, speed, and compass navigation while you drive. This information can be overlayed directly onto any footage that you capture, and I was able to verify that the onscreen stats were accurate compared to the information on my dashboard. Convenient capture buttons for photo and video remain within reach throughout most of the app experience.

Ddpai Sr Mode

Final Thoughts

The DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera exceeded my expectations, delivering premium specs at a price that is more than reasonable. Offering impressive playback quality that is far beyond satisfactory, a user-friendly companion app, and a host of high-end features, the DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Camera can be found on Amazon.

Brahm Shank
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