Daybetter Smart LED Strip Lights Review: Ambient Light on a Budget

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured


  • 50 feet of lights
  • Control via remote, voice, control box, and app
  • 16 million light options
  • Create custom scenes, schedules, and timers
  • Cut lights to fit where needed


  • Adhesive doesn't continue to stick in some areas
  • Music doesn't sync consistently

Our Rating

8 / 10

Creating ambient light in any room of your home doesn’t require an expensive electrician. Instead, do it yourself with Daybetter Smart LED Strip Lights. Control them remotely to set the mood for reading, relaxing, dancing, or anything else. I recently had the opportunity to try these lights out for myself to create custom light scenes for any occasion.

Overview of Features

The Daybetter Smart LED Strip Lights are long-lasting lights that are easy to install nearly anywhere. As long as you’re within 25 feet of an outlet, you’re good to go. Since they’re made to last at least 50,000 hours, you won’t need to install new lights for a while. For perspective, that’s over 2,000 days or over 5.5 years if you have them on constantly.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Strip

The set includes two 25 foot rolls of lights with 270 individual lights total. Easily control them one of four ways: IR remote, Tuya Smart app, or the control box. They’re also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. You’re able to control the brightness, color, and turn them on and off with your voice.

Thanks to the app, you can create unique scenes using any of the 16 million colors. Try out built-in Scene modes or create your own. Set timers and schedules for automatic control based on your day and needs.

There’s even an option to sync your lights to music. The built-in mic picks up your music to create fun party lighting instantly.

In the Box

The Daybetter Smart LED Strip Lights include everything you need to get started right out of the box. A remote, the control box, a power adapter, and of course, the lights are all included. The included instruction manual is surprisingly clear to help you get set up quickly.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured In Box

A slow, gentle transition between the main colors greets you from the moment you connect and plug in the lights. Use the 24-button remote or the Tuya Smart app to change the mode, adjust the brightness, turn them on/off, and more.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Remote

The control box includes the IR receiver to work with the remote. You must be within sight of it and within approximately 26 feet. I found it works better if you’re much closer. There are also two connection points to connect two rolls of lights.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Control Box

While you can cut and connect the strips at predesignated points, it’s easier to just use the second connection point on the control box if you’re only using two strips.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Cut

An adhesive strip is on the strip itself. Even on the cleanest, driest surfaces, areas of the adhesive don’t seem to completely stick (only a few inches out of 50 feet for me).

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Adhesive

If you have any small adhesive clips on hand, these work well for keeping the lights in place if you have issues. Use clear clips to avoid blocking any of your lights.

Getting Set Up

I started my test by using just the remote. Honestly, if you just want basic control, the remote is all you need. Make sure you don’t hide the receiver on the control box or the remote won’t work well.

There are 15 colors to choose from on the remote, but there are millions to select in the Tuya Smart app. I didn’t see much difference in the Strobe and Flash modes on the remote. In fact, both were rather slow and felt more like the Fade mode. However, the lights are nice and bright, but you can dim them to create a much softer atmosphere.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Setup

With the Tuya Smart app, make sure your phone or tablet is on a 2.4 GHz network or you can’t connect. If you have a dual-band router that doesn’t let you manually select, move as far from your router as you can to get it to switch to the 2.4 GHz network. Once you’ve set up the lights in the app, it works fine no matter where you are in your home.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured App Setup

The app guides you through the setup process. The only hard part was getting the lights into the rapid flash mode. I didn’t have any luck using the remote to turn them on and off as required. (The remote does turn them on and off but didn’t trigger the rapid flash mode required for the connection process.) I had to manually plug and unplug the lights from the outlet several times, waiting two seconds between each round.

After that, everything worked great. The app couldn’t be easier to use. It has a clean interface. Simply tap to choose your color. Set scenes, start syncing to music, create schedules, and more.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Tuya

Cut the strips to fit your desired area by cutting on the predesignated cut points. These are clearly labeled. Cutting anywhere else could destroy the lights.

Lights in Action

The Daybetter Smart LED Strip Lights performed great overall. Any adjustments I made happened almost instantly. The vivid colors brightened the room with ease.

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured In Action

With Scenes, I was able to speed up the flashing, which creates more of a strobe effect. The Music mode worked better than expected. Instead of just rapidly flashing with every beat, it worked more off the vocals and lead instruments to create more unique patterns. There were some times when it didn’t seem to quite sync, though.

While the lights do get warm, they don’t get hot. I’m not sure how that warmth could mess with the adhesive over time, but it didn’t seem to affect it during my week-long test.

Final Thoughts

Daybetter Smart Led Light Strips Review Featured Final

The Daybetter Smart LED Strip Lights are an extremely affordable way to add color-changing lights to any room. They’re for indoor use only since they’re not waterproof, but that’s listed clearly on the box.

They’re easy to control and set up. With millions of colors, you’ll always find the perfect light for the occasion. Both the app and remote work great to quickly control the lights.

My only complaints are relatively minor. I would love the see the Strobe and Flash modes be faster and the music sync to work more consistently. A bigger issue is with the adhesive, which doesn’t seem strong enough to last long term, especially since a few parts didn’t stick at all for me.

The price on Amazon alone is hard to beat at $35.99. However, it gets even better when you buy the Daybetter Smart LED Strip Lights using the discount code H5XKZABP on Amazon to get them for just $15.19.

Crystal Crowder
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