CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector Review: Better Posture in 7 Days

Czur Posture Corrector Featured


  • Quick setup
  • Voice and light reminders
  • Sedentary reminders
  • Smart and custom sitting postures
  • Small size


  • Power source required, limiting placement
  • Bright, direct light can reduce functionality

Our Rating

9 / 10

If you’re anything like me, your posture is the last thing you think about when you’re sitting at a desk for hours at a time. I’m definitely not about to wear one of those uncomfortable-looking posture corrector contraptions. But, the CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector promises to help you improve your posture in just seven days without wearing anything. The big question is, does it actually work?

Overview of Features

As someone who goes from attempting to sit up straight to hunched over the keyboard and way too close to my screen, I was intrigued by a small device that uses light and sound to encourage me to sit correctly to avoid the all too common back, leg, and neck aches.

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review Overview

Before I get into my experience, let’s take a quick look at the features. The metal cylinder sits discreetly on any desktop and is about as long/tall as the average hand. Plus, it will start working in less than a minute after you connect it to an available USB port on your computer. No software is necessary, though you can install an app for more options.

The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector uses AI technology to monitor your sitting habits. Once a base posture is set, you’ll receive light and/or voice indicators to let you know you need to readjust.

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review Overview Device

There are two main modes: Smart and Custom. Smart is the default setting and applies to the proper sitting posture for working at a typical desk. If you ever had a keyboard/computer teacher, you probably already know all about this posture. Back straight, chin level and tucked in slightly, eyes level with your screen, and forearms level with your keyboard.

For those who don’t have a normal desk and computer setup, there’s Custom mode. This feature allows users to set their own ideal postures. This may mean sitting slightly forward, leaning further back, or anything else. Artists, designers, crafters, and others may prefer setting a custom option. You still get the same warnings, but they’re based on the posture you set.

It’s designed to be far less intrusive than wearables that fit around your chest, arms, and back to force you into a proper sitting position. It’s also made for kids and adults, as it adjusts to your ideal posture.

There’s also one more helpful feature. You’ll get reminders when you’ve been sitting too long. This is great for people like me who get caught up in their work and realize they’ve been sitting for hours without a break.

Sleek, Compact Device

The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector is small enough to fit on most any desk. The silver metal-style casing also looks great no matter what the decor. I was honestly impressed with how easily it blended in. Plus, the USB cable isn’t overly long, so you don’t have yet another lengthy cable to bunch up on your desk.

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review Overview Size

There are only three buttons to deal with: the first, which is on top of the device, allows you to switch and set Smart and Custom posture modes. The second is a slider underneath the device to switch between voice and light-only modes for your reminder. A small reset button is underneath to reset everything.

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review Buttons

All you have to do is make sure the AI camera and sensor face you to properly monitor your posture.

Getting Set Up

The CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector must be connected to a power source to work, as it’s not battery operated. If you have a computer with a free USB port, that works fine. Alternatively, you can connect it to a USB power adapter and use it with any available power outlet. Just make sure the cable will reach your desk area.

I connected mine to my laptop. The directions stated to place the device between 50 cm and 80 cm (approximately 20 to 30 inches) away from you within a 45-degree window on either side of you. I had mine placed just slightly to my left.

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review Connected

It’s important to make sure any lights around you don’t shine directly into the camera, or it won’t work properly.

A friendly female voice immediately instructs you to sit properly. Smart mode is enabled by default. I opted for Smart mode since that fits my sitting posture, but I set up Custom later on just to try it as well.

While the guide says the AI chip may take up two minutes to analyze your posture, it took around 45 seconds before I received a voice confirmation saying my posture was set.

If you want to set up Custom mode, hold the button at the top of the device for two seconds and just follow the voice commands to set your posture. Holding the button for two seconds lets you switch back and forth between modes.

Correcting My Posture

I admit that I didn’t expect much when I first set this up. After all, how is this little device going to fix the posture of someone who hasn’t been able to sit in a chair normally at all her whole life?

I did my best to sit correctly for as long as possible. Admittedly, that wasn’t all that long. It was after about 15 to 20 minutes that I began my normal slouching and hunched shoulders.

Something I love about the CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector is you don’t get a reminder the moment your posture changes. Since you’re going to move around, reach for things, stretch, and so on, there’s a delay between changing your posture and a gentle reminder to straighten up.

According to CZUR, 85 percent of the population unconsciously sit incorrectly, so that made me feel better about my sitting habits.

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review Posture

By default, the sensitivity is set to High. I got a reminder in around five minutes. Once, I got the reminder after only a few minutes. The voice is noticeable but not too startling once you get used to it. I found the light-only mode was actually more effective, though, since I listen to music which sometimes drowned out the voice.

A fan of red light shines across you, which you’ll definitely notice. But for anyone who’s visually impaired, the voice is more than enough to help you correct your posture.

After the first day, I still wasn’t really convinced. Sometime around day three, I realized I wasn’t getting as many reminders. Plus, there’s a warning after 45 minutes of sitting to get up and move around. I got up and moved around for a few minutes each time.

By day five, I only had around a third of the reminders from day one. I also noticed my back, legs, neck, and rear end didn’t feel nearly as tired. After using this for a week, I was actually sitting up straighter more naturally. After 10 days, I had no problem noticing when I was slouching and fixing my posture with only the occasional reminder.

So, I was wrong. If you’re willing to adjust your posture when prompted, the CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector really does make a difference in just a week.

Using the App

The CZUR app, which works with other CZUR products as well, might have an abysmal rating in the Google Play Store, but it seemed to work well for me. However, it does drain your battery quickly, as it runs constantly when the device and your phone are connected.

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review App

You’ll need to turn on Bluetooth and location settings to use the app. Once paired, I was able to adjust a few settings and get a report on my sitting habits.

You can change the posture mode, sensitivity, sedentary reminder, volume, brightness, and update the firmware. While the report is nice, I found I didn’t really use the app at all once I adjusted the voice volume and tried out the different sensitivity levels. Medium worked well, but Low didn’t do much during my tests.

Final Thoughts

Czur Mirror Ai Posture Corrector Review Final

If your back and neck hurt from sitting wrong all the time when working, this is a simple, yet highly effective way to improve your posture. The gentle reminders help reduce pressure on your lumbar and cervical vertebrae over time. It’s incredibly easy to use and set up.

I’ve seen a major difference in my posture and that was just in a week. Try out the CZUR Mirror AI Posture Corrector yourself for just $69 by signing up through the Indiegogo campaign.

Crystal Crowder
Crystal Crowder

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