Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Belife S11 Vacuum Feature Image


  • Transforms for regular vacuum or handheld use
  • 3 suction levels
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance



  • Battery only lasts 50 minutes


Our Rating

8 / 10

My three-story townhouse design has made me debate investing in a cordless vacuum designed for multiple surfaces for quite some time. Unfortunately, most of the "recommended models" cost over $300, which seems ridiculous when I have a traditional vacuum cleaner and broom. Then I discovered the Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, designed for wood floors and low carpet surfaces, that costs a fraction of what other brands do.

Cost-savings often translate to lower quality. But is that the case with this cordless vacuum? I tested it out to decide.

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Unboxing & Assembly

As someone who has only owned traditional vacuums in the past, I was shocked by how small the box for the Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was. What's more, I loved how lightweight it was, since I live in a three-story townhouse. The vacuum comes packaged neatly and unassembled, but it's easy to pull out and unpack each part.

The Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner includes the following items:

  • Motor and dust cup (the vacuum)
  • Retractable metal tube
  • Motorized brush head with roller brush (base)
  • Battery
  • Crevice tool
  • Stiff nylon bristle brush
  • Wide nozzle tool
  • Power adapter
  • Extra HEPA filter
  • Wall mount with screws 
  • Cleaning gadget 
  • User manual
Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Unboxing

Once all the parts are unpacked, you can easily assemble this cordless vacuum. Attach the battery to the vacuum (motor and dust cup), connect the retractable metal tube to the base (motorized roller brush head), then connect the motor to the other end of the tube. When fully assembled, the S11 weighs just over six pounds, making it easy for anyone to lift and operate.

Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Standing

The best part? Everything from the box can easily store in a closet or on a wall, thanks to the included wall mount and screws.

Multipurpose Design

Unlike most traditional vacuums, the Belife S11 is designed to be a multipurpose vacuum. The parts easily attach and detach to transform it from a standard vacuum for cleaning floors into a handheld vacuum like a Dust Buster. It's a pretty genius design concept.

Traditional Vacuum

Attaching the top and tube to the base gives you an incredibly agile and fully functional vacuum. The flexible component where the tube attaches to the base makes it easy to pivot, turn, and operate. This makes navigating stairs, going under beds, and working around other furniture easy. Moreover, you can use the Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner on carpet, wood flooring, tile, and more.

Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Base

Handheld Mode

When you use the S11 as a handheld vacuum, you can choose between three attachments, based on the surface and what you're trying to accomplish.

  • The stiff nylon bristle brush works well for messes on countertops, doormats, and other surfaces with larger debris.
  • The wide nozzle (attached in the picture below) is great for mattresses and couch surfaces.
  • The crevice tool lets you get in between couch cushions, clean out car seats, and grab items from other cracks and crevices.
Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Handheld Option

Incredible Vacuum Capabilities

The Belife S11 is an incredibly easy vacuum to operate. Not only is it lightweight, but all of the controls you need are easily accessible with your thumb as you naturally hold the vacuum to operate it. On the left, you have the power button, which turns the S11 on and off. Then, on the right, you can toggle the suction control.

Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Power Button

The Belife vacuum can operate in one of three suction modes, each of which is measured in Pascal Pressure Units (Pa). The higher the number, the higher the suction power. This number determines how much dirt and debris the vacuum can suck off the floor, with higher suction power pulling up more debris and more oversized items. You can tell which suction mode your S11 is set to based on the color displayed on the vacuum handle while operating it.

Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Settings

Eco mode, the lowest suction power, provides 10,000Pa. When the vacuum is in this mode, the colored indicator light on the vacuum is blue. Standard mode bumps this up to 15,000Pa and turns the light purple. Finally, hyper mode lights up red and provides 23,000Pa of suction.

Regardless of which mode you choose, this tiny vacuum is incredibly powerful. I first tested the S11 on a small section of carpet in my bedroom with some visible debris. I set it to Eco mode initially, and with just a couple of passes, nearly everything was gone.

Belife S11 Vacuum Before And After

Each mode offered outstanding results, regardless of the surface (I tried wood and tile, too). I was also pleasantly surprised at how quiet the vacuum sounded, regardless of which mode I tried. Even in hyper mode, the vacuum cleaned up more debris with less noise than my traditional vacuum.

What's more, if you pick up debris that clogs the vacuum or have something incorrectly assembled, the S11 has a feature to help you out. The built-in Error Self-Test Alert System will alert you to any issues by lighting up the section of the vacuum that has an issue. This lets you quickly fix the problem and continue cleaning without spending hours figuring out what's wrong.

Unfortunately, the battery doesn't last forever. It is rated to operate for just 50 minutes on a single charge, and my testing found that to be pretty accurate. Although this meant I couldn't get through all three stories of my townhouse at once, it was easy enough to recharge the battery and keep going.

Cleanup and Maintenance

In my opinion, the Belife S11's performance speaks for itself. However, I also found the cleanup and maintenance outstanding.


The motor and dust cup easily detach from the rest of the vacuum, so you can take it to the trash can and empty it. The one-button release makes it easy to dump everything at any time, even if you're in the middle of running it in a room.

Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Hair

Also, Belife wasn't kidding when they said the vacuum's brush roller design prevents hair tangling within the device. I went to empty the dust collection and noticed that all of the hair the vacuum sucked up was in a neat little wad, ready for easy removal.


When you are finished using the Belife S11, you can put it away in the wall mount and recharge the battery. The battery uses a standard type charger (included) and is easy to plug in and charge. It takes just a few hours to recharge the battery, and since it detaches from the rest of the vacuum, you don't need power near where you store it.

Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Recharge

Also, the HEPA filter is conveniently located inside the dust cup. You can remove it anytime if you need to clean out the dust cup thoroughly, not to mention you can easily replace it when the time comes.

Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum Filter

Final Thoughts on the Belife S11

If you've considered investing in a cordless vacuum before but have avoided them due to the price tag or the belief that it can't possibly clean as well, the Belife S11 Cordless Vacuum will change that. At just $145.99, this lightweight handheld appliance gives most other vacuums I've owned a severe run for their money.

I love how well it cleans, how easy it is to maneuver, and how many surfaces it can clean. My kids love that it's lightweight and operates quietly. As long as you can handle the 50-minute battery life, it's well worth the investment.

Megan Glosson
Megan Glosson

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