AUZAI Portable Monitor Review: Beautiful and Handy

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Featured


  • Stunning display
  • Connects to nearly all devices
  • Includes three cords
  • Includes screen protector


  • Instructions not clear
  • Cover difficult to fold into stand
  • Tuning button difficult to use

Our Rating

8 / 10

With the number of devices we have today, it can be really helpful to have a portable monitor. They serve a dual purpose: to be available to take with you while also serving as an additional screen. This review takes a look at the AUZAI 15.6″ Portable Monitor.


Helpfully, the AUZAI Portable Monitor comes with everything you need to hook it up, including cables (almost, but more on that later). The box includes the monitor itself, manual, screen protector, cleaning cloth, USB-C-USB-C cable, USB-C-to-USB-A cable, and an HDMI-to-Mini-HDMI cable.

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Unboxing

Before you do anything else, you want to apply the screen protector. I chose not to, as I don’t find it necessary with the wraparound cover. Plus, putting protectors on large screens is a bother to me.

Ports and Connections

The monitor can be hooked up to a computer, streaming device, tablet, gaming device, smartphone, etc. Below, I show how to connect it to an iPad, Apple TV, and iPhone. The manual includes instructions for connecting to a computer via USB-C, mobile device with USB-C, Nintendo Switch with USB-C, a computer with Mini HDMI, and “other” HDMI devices.

Review Auzai Portable Monitor Ports

On the side are three ports: a mini HDMI and two USB-C ports. The two USB-C ports are not interchangeable. One is for data transfer and the other for power. This is very important, as setups will not work if you mix them up.

Connecting to an iPad Pro

This was my easiest connection. However, that’s because it’s an iPad Pro with USB-C. I soon learned USB-C-to-USB-C connections are easiest, as it only requires one cord.

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Ipad Pro

To hook up to an iPad Pro with USB-C:

1. Insert one end of a USB-C cord into the USB-C port on the iPad Pro.

2. Insert the other end of the cord into the data port (middle).

3. Your monitor should turn on on its own.

Connecting to an Apple TV

Connecting to an Apple TV or other streaming device would be a great solution for travel. All elements would be so easy to slip into your bag.

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Apple Tv

To hook up to an Apple TV:

1. Insert one end of a USB-C-to-USB-C cord into the power port (bottom).

2. Insert the other end into a power source.

3. Plug your Apple TV into a power source with its power cord.

4. Insert the HDMI end of an HDMI-to-Mini-HDMI cable into the Apple TV.

5. Insert the Mini HDMI end of the cable into the monitor in the mini HDMI port (top).

6. If your monitor doesn’t immediately turn on, turn on the Apple TV with its remote.

Connecting to an iPhone

This will work, but you will need an additional cord. You will need a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter, and it has to be an Apple brand adapter, or it won’t work.

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Iphone

To connect to an iPhone:

1. Insert one end of a USB-C-to-USB-C cable into the power port (bottom) on the monitor.

2. Connect the other end of the cord to a power source.

3. Inert the Lightning plug on the Lightning-to-HDMI adapter into your iPhone.

4. Insert the HDMI end of an HDMI-to-Mini-HDMI cord into the adapter.

5. Insert the Mini HDMI end of the cord into the Mini HDMI port (top) on the monitor.

6. Your monitor should power on.

Note: If your monitor tells you it’s “Power Saving” and that there’s no source, you don’t have a good power connection. If you get a black screen, it appears to be an issue with the connection to your device.

Using the AUZAI Portable Monitor

Using the monitor is quite simple, but the buttons aren’t the easiest to work with.

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Buttons

On the left side of the monitor are the user buttons, as well as a port for connecting headphones. On the top is the power button. It’s also used to exit the OSD (On Screen Display).

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Settings

The second button is the Tuning button. It can be difficult to use. It doesn’t turn so much as flick and be pushed in. It calls up the OSD and also moves around within the settings.

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Volume

But every time I thought I had it worked out how to work the Tuning button, it wouldn’t work the next time. Just to change the volume, I had to flick and push the button numerous times.

Tech Specifications

Device TypeLED Backlight Technology
FeaturesUSB Full-Featured Type-C/HDMI
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Native Resolution1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
Brightness250 cd/m² (typical)
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (typical)
Weight1.37 lbs
CompatibilityUSB-C, Thunderbolt, HDMI

My Thoughts

Once I finally figured out how to use the AUZAI Portable Monitor, it was really enjoyable and very much what I needed and wanted. But it was a little bit of a journey to get there.

Basically, I was making it more difficult than it needed to be. The manual didn’t spell everything out to a T, and I was left with the impression that every device that was connected needed to use both the HDMI and USB-C ports. Once I did some research to find out where I was going wrong, I realized how simple it really is to connect.

Even after figuring that out, I couldn’t get my iPhone to work with the monitor, then realized I needed a Lightning-to-HDMI connection so used an adapter. I was frustrated when it still wouldn’t work, and after more research, I realized it needed to be an Apple brand adapter. Once I used that, it worked like a charm.

Review Aukai Portable Monitor Cover

I also had the darnedest time trying to get the cover to be configured the right way to work as a stand. I finally took a picture of it so I would remember the next time.

But once I had those things figured out, the AUZAI Portable Monitor was such a joy to use. I needed it for a Zoom meeting for a social group where I’m the secretary. I signed in on my iPhone hooked up to the monitor while I took notes on my iPad. It worked very well. There wasn’t anything that could have made that better.

Additionally, the monitor is so thin. It easily slips into any bag to take to school or work or on your next trip, whether business or personal.

Review Auzai Portable Monitor Display2

But most of all, the display is stunning. It made photos I took with my old iPhone 7 gorgeous. The Apple TV flyover screensaver (pictured above) was jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, if you had a little patience in the beginning and realize it’s easier than you may think it is, you’ll get a beautiful picture on a monitor that can hook up to nearly any device that could really come in handy.

Through January 31, 2022, clip the coupon on Amazon to take $30 off and pay just $149.99 for the AUZAI Portable Monitor.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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