How to Do a Reverse Image Search from an Android Phone

When you want to find images related to a specific topic, you just type the word and click on the images option. Finding pictures associated with a particular subject is easy. It’s something we’ve all done.

Even though it’s also easy to do a reverse image search on your desktop, it’s not so easy to do such a search on your Android device. But when you really need to find information on an image, reverse image search is the way to go.

Reverse Search Any Image on Any Android Device

To successfully do a reverse image search on your Android device, you’re going to need to install an app called Image Search. You’ll need to make some adjustments to the app’s settings, such as turning off the “Open settings before upload” option.


By disabling this option, you’ll save yourself an extra step when you do a reverse image search. Depending on the app you’re using, you can either press the share menu and then the Image Search option or download the picture to your device’s gallery, and from there tap on the share menu and choose the Search Image app.

When you tap on the app’s icon, tap on the “Start upload” option so Google can start gathering the information you need. It doesn’t do it automatically. You’ll suddenly be at Google’s search image results page where you can see all sorts of information on your image.


For example, you’ll be able to see what other sites the image has appeared on, and if you want a better resolution, you can select the “More Sizes” option. If the image you have doesn’t quite convince you, you can also use this method to find similar photos.

Reverse Image Search without an App

Your Android device is probably so full of apps that the last thing you need is to install yet another app. In that case you can try the Search by Image site where all you have to do is go to the website and upload the image from your device’s gallery.

You’ll get the exact same information as if you were to use the app previously mentioned but without having to install yet another one. You can also find the same image with a better resolution and find out where else the same image is published.


Tap on the “Upload Picture” button and choose your image. If it was uploaded correctly, the site should say that like what is shown in the image above.

You’re not done just yet. Tap on the button that says “Show matches,” and then the site will take you to Google Image Search results. If you want to upload another image before you tap on the “Show Results” button, there is a button right below it that allows you to add another picture.


Sometimes the image itself is not enough information, and you need to dig a little deeper. Thanks to Google’s Reverse Image Search you can finally get the information you need from any image you find online. Do you find reverse image search useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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