Top 4 Retro Add-Ons for Your Apple Devices

These featured accessories for your Apple devices pay homage to a time when Apple was just beginning to make its stride in releasing world-changing products. These accessories certainly are eye-catching and are worth checking out to give your iOS device, Mac, or Watch a new-old look.

1. Slickwraps Retro iPhone Case


This particular iPhone case is meant to look like an early Macintosh, featuring a color similar to that of yellowing plastic, commonly seen from the time, as well as mock air-vents. In addition, the multi-color Apple logo from 1976 takes center stage. The case itself is durable, grippy, and slim. It wraps around the front of the bezel ever so slightly, adding extra drop protection. Pricing is set at $36.99 – right in line with other high-quality and protective iPhone cases.

2. Classic Mac Apple Watch Dock


The Classic Mac Apple Watch Dock is a perfect option to have on your bedside, as it supports nightstand mode. The Watch case slides into the dock perfectly, with minimal room to spare. This $9.99 model from Elago is constructed of a durable and slightly flexible rubber material in both a creamy white and black color option. Do note though that Apple never produced a classic Macintosh in black, so this particular color option will lose a bit of the retro appeal.

If you have the resources, you could always 3D print one yourself. Do note that if you take this route and print in solid plastic, docking and undocking the Watch may be a bit more of a hassle, requiring two hands. Nonetheless, it looks really good and is sure to spark a conversation with anyone familiar with Appleā€™s history of products.

3. Retro Apple Logo Sticker


This decal sticker could be used just as a typical decal sticker, placed somewhere like your car or longboard, or you could place it over the Apple logo on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac – given that you buy the right size decal. This is by far the cheapest retro accessory on the list coming in at $3.79, but it could be a bit of a pain to install. As with all decal stickers, it is easy to mess up the install and create creases. Furthermore, even if you install them correctly, they can be a pain to remove. Goo-gone, anyone? Nonetheless, it looks really cool, and it is certainly worth checking out.

4. Glowing Multicolor Apple Logo for iPhone


This one certainly is a step up from a decal sticker, and it is sure to take a bit of DIY. If you can pull it off, you will be left with a glowing Apple logo in an array of colors not that much different from the 70s logo. Do take note, though, that since under the hood work is involved, your warranty will surely be voided. It really is quite easy to mess up this sort of install, so proceed with caution. This kit is available at a starting price of $6.99 for all variants of the iPhone 6 and 7, including all of the Plus and “S” variants.


There is no better way to stand out from the crowd than to try out a retro-style accessory for your Apple device. What is your favorite from the list, and do you happen to own one yourself? Let us know your thoughts in a comment down below.

Corbin Telligman
Corbin Telligman

I'm a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.

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