Retrieve And Change Your Windows Product Key With RockXP

What happen if you wanted to reinstall your Windows XP, but found that you have lost your product key? Well, you can either hack into the system registry to check out the product key (that is, if you have the expertise) or go online and search for a pirated key. Alternatively, you can use RockXP to retrieve your lost key.

RockXP is an application that scans your system and retrieves the product key for your Windows and passwords for other Microsoft applications. In the situation above where you have lost the key, but need it for a reinstallation, this is the best application for you.

There is no installation required to use RockXP. You just download the application and double-click to run it. At first run, it scans the version of the current Windows installation and whether you have admin right to the system.


After you have read and agree to the terms and conditions, you will be able to access the various functions of RockXP.

The first tab of RockXP is where you can scan and retrieve your Windows product key and serial number. If you want to change your product key, there is is also a field at the bottom for you to enter the new key. In addition, you can backup the activation file so that in the event you need to reinstall the Windows, you can restore the file and skip the activation process.


The Internet connection tab is where you can check the password of your network. This is also where you can retrieve your MSN password. I didn’t set up MSN on my Windows, that’s why you don’t see any information in the screenshot below.


As its name implies, the password generator tab is where you generate random passwords. Simply define the length of the password you want and click Generate. RockXP will automatically generate a random password of your defined length.

rockxp password generator

Overall, RockXP is not an application that you will use daily, but when you need a tool to restore the lost passwords, RockXP sure can do its job well.

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  2. Thank you very much! it’s very useful!
    There’s also a software that does this at The advantage is that it can even find out your Windows system CD Key when your Windows can’t startup.Also, This software will find many other keys like office XP, office 2007 and more.

  3. Best way i know to retrive or find a XP product key, it’s the free software Xp Key Finder

  4. I usually use the Product Key Finder 1.3 to retrieve Windows product key, It worked great for me.….

  5. Thanks. That is useful.

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