This Firefox Add-on Can Resurrect Dead Web Pages

This Firefox Add-on Can Resurrect Dead Web Pages

What do you usually do when a web page is inaccessible (ie. dead or broken)? You probably move on to another web page and never look back; I’m guilty of this myself. In some cases though, you may really want to see what’s on that page – by any means necessary.

A sample web page with 'net error' message and Resurrect Pages integration.

This is where the Resurrect Pages add-on for Firefox comes into play; it does its best to make this happen for you. This add-on searches through five big cache/mirrors in order to find that specific web page. In many cases, it can resurrect dead web pages in a snap.

Once installed, if you come across a web page with a “net error” page, you’ll see options on the right side to resurrect it. However, you can also use the right-click context menu to resurrect a page, as well as to view the page at an earlier date (using The Internet Archive).

Resurrect Pages Add-on

Image Credit: CyboRoZ

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