How to Restore Workspace in Ubuntu 14.10 [Quick Tips]

If you have installed or upgraded your Ubuntu to the latest version, Utopic Unicorn 14.10, one thing that you will find missing from the desktop is the workspace feature (and its keyboard shortcuts). In fact, since Ubuntu 13.04, the workspace switcher was disabled by default. Workspace is a useful feature where you can organize your application into different spaces (or desktops) and switch to it when you need it. It has always been the most useful feature in Linux, with even Apple (Mac OS X) and Microsoft (Windows 10) integrating this feature into their OS, so it is a surprise that Ubuntu has this feature disabled.

The good thing is the Workspace feature is only disabled and not removed from the system. With this simple trick, you can easily re-enable the Workspace feature in Ubuntu 14.10, and also earlier versions of Ubuntu.

1. In Ubuntu 14.10, go to “System Settings”.

2. Go to the “Appearance” section.

3. Under the “Behavior” tab you can find the option “Enable workspaces.” Select the option.


That’s it. You should now see the Workspace icon in the Unity launcher bar. In addition, you can also make use of the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + arrow key” to move between the workspaces.


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