Restore MIssing Features In Gmail For Android With These 4 Add-ons

Gmail is arguably the most popular web email application used today. It’s also deeply integrated with Android devices that many Android users have adopted it as their main email. The problem is, Gmail is not as powerful on Android device as it is when using it from the web. Some of the features just aren’t there.

While new features are being added to Gmail all the time, some features are needed now to allow Gmail to be used productively while mobile. The list below will show some applications that are essentially workarounds for missing features in Gmail for Android.

1. Gmail widgets

Ever noticed there aren’t many widgets for Gmail, if any on the most devices? Most manufacturers will put a widget on there for the email app, but there is no really good Gmail widgets on most Android devices. To me, this is pretty strange. Gmail Widgets is an app made to solve that. The link below is for the paid application, but there is a trial version available to see if it works for you. What you get is just what the name says, Gmail widgets.


There are widgets in different size, ranging from an icon size all the way up to a full page. The widget will show you show number of messages as well as the actual message itself. Depending on the version of the Android operating system on your device, you may be able to scroll through the unread emails in the widget.

Gmail widgets

2. Canned responses

Gmail power users are likely to have a bunch of Canned responses already set up for quickly replying to emails. Part of the reason Canned responses is not part of Gmail for Android is because it’s still a beta feature in the Google Labs. For anyone who isn’t sure what a Canned response is, it’s basically a pre-written email that can be automatically pasted into an email almost like a boilerplate.


Canned responses for Android logs into your Gmail account and will show all of the previously written canned responses. When you see a canned response you want to use, tap on it to copy the entire body of the email to your Android clipboard. Then, paste it into the body of the email you’re composing on your Android. It’s that easy.

Canned responses

3. Add any attachment

Another feature missing from Gmail for Android is the ability to attach any kind of file to your email. That’s where “Add any attachment” can help. While composing email, go through the same steps to attach a file as you normally would. Add any attachment takes over the search for the attachment. Using this file manager you will be able to add any type of attachment including, Android applications to the email.


Add any attachment

4. Cloud print

Google Chrome users have enjoyed being able to print from the cloud for quite a while now. Adding this functionality to Android devices extends Cloud printingsĀ convenience. Even though most people are going to a paperless system, there are still times when a document needs to be printed. Instead of adding a reminder notes to print the document when you’re back home or in your office, you can simply send it to cloud print right from your Android device.


Cloud print

Final thoughts

The gap between the Gmail web application and Gmail for Android is slowly getting smaller. Until the time comes when they’re one and the same, Android applications like these will hopefully add some of the same functionality you have on the web.

What applications do you use on your Android to enhance Gmail?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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