How to Get Your Menu Bar Back in Firefox for Windows

Every browser can have its occasional hiccups, and Firefox is no different. One complaint I have heard a few times is that when a user opens Firefox, the menu bar has disappeared. Sometimes they can get it back; sometimes they can’t. Here is an example of Firefox with the menu bar and without the menu bar.


To get your menu bar back, try one or all of the following options.

Exit Full Screen Mode

If your menu bar is gone, it could be because you have Full Screen Mode enabled. Along the top of the keyboard is a row of F keys. Hit F11 to bring it back to normal.


Right-click on Blank Area

If it’s gone and you have your normal screen up, you can right-click in a blank area next to the menu bar, and a drop-down menu will be displayed. If menu bar is not checked, left-click on it, and it will restore the menu bar.


The Alt key

Find the Alt key on your keyboard, and hold it down. This will temporarily pop up the menu bar. Left-click on View, and you’ll see Toolbars at the top of the menu that comes up. Hover over Toolbars, and left-click on the menu bar to restore it.


Firefox Safe Mode

Restarting in Safe Mode can rectify a myriad of problems, and restoring your menu bar is one of them.

To start Firefox in Safe Mode:

Look for the Shift key on your keyboard, and hold it down as you open your Firefox browser or click on your desktop icon.


You will then get a pop-up dialog box that says, “Firefox is a special mode …,” etc. Click on Start in Safe Mode (do not click on Reset Firefox).

Troubleshoot extensions

If your menu bar is still gone, then one of your extensions may be causing the problem, and you need to find out which one. Troubleshoot until you find it. To exit safe mode, close out the browser, wait a few seconds, and then re-open it.

If you tried any or all of the above options, my guess is you have your menu bar back. Good job!

Lori Cline

Lori is a web content creator (fancy title for freelance writer), a self-professed tech nerd and personal computer tech; some people regard her as "tech obsessed". She's a phone addict; you will see her with a new smart phone in her hand every other month and living mobile tech to the point of panic if she can't take her phone to bed with her. You can follow Lori on Twitter and contact her 24/7 at

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