How to Restore Closed Tabs in Various Browsers [Quick Tips]

Accidentally closing a tab in your browser is extremely common. You have the intention of just clicking on a tab, but instead you close it. The following is how to recover your tab in various browsers.

How to Recover Accidentally Closed Tabs in Chrome

To open the last tab you closed, simply right-click on the last tab bar. Towards the bottom you’ll see the option to open the last closed tab.


By clicking on it once, it will only open one tab. If you closed more than one tab, just repeat the process, and the tabs will appear in the order you closed them. You’ll also get the same options if you click on the space to the side of the tab.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T. It works just like the previous option, and it will also open the tabs in the order you closed them by repeating the process.

Errors can occur at the worst possible moment. If Chrome doesn’t give you the option to open the last closed tab, you can look for that URL in Chrome’s history.

Click on the three vertical dots and move the cursor to the History option. A new menu will appear to the left showing you all the sites you visited. Just go through the list and click on the one you accidentally closed.

How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Firefox

You can also recover your closed tabs in Firefox. The process is just as easy as it is in Chrome. Right-click on the last tab and click on “Undo Close Tab.” Just like Chrome, repeat the process until you open all desired tabs.


To view Firefox’s history, click on the hamburger icon and choose History.

Firefox can also show you your browser history for previous months. Just in case you closed a tab from a site and gave up on it, click on the hamburger icon and click on “View History Sidebar.”


To the left you’ll see the months you used Firefox. Click on the month you’re interested in, and you’ll see all the sites you visited that month. Just browse through the history and see if you can find that site you’re interested in.

Quickly Recover Closed Tabs in Opera Browser

Recovering your closed tabs in Opera is even easier. Click on the tab menu, and the option to recover closed tabs will be the first one down. You can also use the Ctrl + Shift + T keyboard combination with Opera as well.

The tab menu will only show you tabs that were recently closed, but if you need to recover an older tab, that’s also possible. Click on the Opera icon at the top left. The History option will be towards the bottom.

When it opens, you can see your browsing history from today, yesterday, and older. It would have been nice if Opera had a calendar and you could just click on the day you wanted, but hopefully that will come in the near future.


You can also use the history search bar to find that tab you closed. If you remember a certain word, just type in the word you remember, and any site you visited that has that word in the URL will appear.

How to Open Closed Tabs in Microsoft Edge

Opening the last tab you closed is also an easy task in Microsoft Edge. Right-click on the last tab you have open. Look for the “Reopen closed tab” option and click on it. By doing this once, you’ll only open the last tab you closed, but if you need to open more, just repeat the process.


If you need to recover an entire session’s worth of tabs, click on the three vertical dots and go to the browser’s Settings. Click on the drop-down menu of the “Open Microsoft Edge With” option and choose “Previous pages.” This will open all the tabs you closed in your last session.



Say good bye to those panic attacks when you close an important tab. As you can see, it’s very easy to recover them, even if it’s been over a week since you closed it. What’s the most important tab you’ve closed? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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