How to Restart and Reset Your AirPods Max

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Apple’s freshly released AirPods Max are a true example of today’s highly sophisticated engineering. They’re backed by an incredible range of technologies – all of which get out of your way as you enter a new level of audio experience. However, their effortless connectivity is also a problem, especially if you want to restart or reset your AirPods Max.

Since these headphones don’t have a Power button, Apple has created a series of actions tied to its existing buttons. And as you can guess – we show you in this article how to use them to restart and reset your AirPods Max. So let’s jump right in!

Restart vs. Reset – What’s the Difference?

There’s a big difference between restarting and resetting your AirPods Max. We’d like to take a very small detour to explain what to expect from each of these actions.

  • Restart: restarting your AirPods Max puts them through a single power cycle, effectively restarting their functionality. This is a swift and pain-free process without any negative consequences.
  • Reset: this action returns your headphones to their factory settings, while also unpairing them from your iCloud account. This a more drastic measure and will require you to re-pair your AirPods Max once again.

How to Restart Your AirPods Max

When talking about restarting, we’re talking about rebooting as well, as these are interchangeable terms. If you’re experiencing audio- or connectivity-related issues, you’ll want to restart your AirPods Max in the following way.

1. Press and hold the Digital Crown and the Noise Control button at the same time. You can find those two buttons on the right side of your headphones.

Restart Reset Airpods Max Right Earcup

2. Keep holding the two buttons until you see the status light flash amber (which should happen after around 12 seconds). You will see the status light on the bottom side of the same earcup.

3. As soon as you see the status light flash amber, release the buttons. It’s important to release the buttons immediately to prevent your AirPods from resetting.

4. Give your headphones a minute or two to restart. They will reconnect to your device automatically once ready for use. That’s it!

How to Reset Your AirPods Max

If restarting your headphones didn’t help resolve the issue you’re experiencing, it’s time for a more drastic step. Here’s how to reset your AirPods Max.

1. Before entering this procedure, Apple highly recommends charging your headphones for at least a couple of minutes. Make sure to do that, to be on the safe side.

Reset Restart Airpods Max Buttons Explained

2. Press the Digital Crown and the Noise Control button and keep them pressed for around 15 seconds. First you will see the status light flash amber and then it should turn white. Remember that the status light will be visible on the bottom of the same earcup.

3. Release the buttons once the status light turns white, then give your headphones a couple of minutes to finalize the procedure on their own.

4. Finally, to use your AirPods Max again, you will need to re-pair them with your iPhone or any other device. That is done by taking your AirPods Max out of their Smart Case and holding them next to the device you want to pair them with. You will see an animation on your device’s screen, which is where you finalize the process.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned how to restart and reset your AirPods Max, we hope that we helped you resolve any issues you’ve encountered using your AirPods Max.

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