How To Change Your TweetDeck Password [Quick Tips]

On the first read, you may be wondering “how difficult can it be to change a password? Can’t I just go to my account and change the password?”

Well, that may be the case for any other account, but when it comes to TweetDeck, you are out of luck. If you are a TweetDeck user (with a registered account) and wanted to change your password, you will discover that there is no “change password” link anywhere in your account dashboard. Nor is it available in the web app or any of the mobile version. Until now, I still cannot figure out why such a useful software doesn’t come with the basic change password functionality.

To change your TweetDeck password, you will have to resort to the desktop version of TweetDeck (and that means you have to install Adobe Air, something that I don’t really prefer to have in my system).

1. Download and install the desktop version of TweetDeck. It works in all platforms, provided you have Adobe Air installed.

2. Launch the app. it will prompt you to login to your TweetDeck account. Under the login field, there is this link “Forgotten your password“. Click on it.


3. Enter your email address and It will then send you the link to reset your password.


4. Click on the link in the email. It will bring you to the page where you can reset the password.



That’s it. A long way to do a simple thing.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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