How To Change Your TweetDeck Password [Quick Tips]

On the first read, you may be wondering “how difficult can it be to change a password? Can’t I just go to my account and change the password?”

Well, that may be the case for any other account, but when it comes to TweetDeck, you are out of luck. If you are a TweetDeck user (with a registered account) and wanted to change your password, you will discover that there is no “change password” link anywhere in your account dashboard. Nor is it available in the web app or any of the mobile version. Until now, I still cannot figure out why such a useful software doesn’t come with the basic change password functionality.

To change your TweetDeck password, you will have to resort to the desktop version of TweetDeck (and that means you have to install Adobe Air, something that I don’t really prefer to have in my system).

1. Download and install the desktop version of TweetDeck. It works in all platforms, provided you have Adobe Air installed.

2. Launch the app. it will prompt you to login to your TweetDeck account. Under the login field, there is this link “Forgotten your password“. Click on it.


3. Enter your email address and It will then send you the link to reset your password.


4. Click on the link in the email. It will bring you to the page where you can reset the password.



That’s it. A long way to do a simple thing.

Damien Damien

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  1. It’s unbelievable it’s so painful to do a simple task on a Twitter client that is so popular. Aren’t anyone complaining?

  2. Hi there,
    We have big improvements coming to TweetDeck account management soon that will make this a much easier process. However, in the meantime, it is not necessary to install the desktop client to change your password. Just go to on the web and perform the same action from there.
    Richard Barley
    TweetDeck Community Manager

    1. Richard, thanks for dropping by to clarify.

      I think you got to make the “change password” option available in all the platforms Tweetdeck is in. It is just not acceptable that users have to search high and low for that “forgot your password” link

      1. Yep, absolutely. this will be part of the account management improvements that will come soon.

        1. Still broken. Tweetdeck has all of my authentications stored in its database. You’re going to force me to discontinue using tweetdeck if I can’t reset my sync password.

          I suppose that’s might have been the goal of the acquisition: acquire and kill. Just like Microsoft has done many times in the past.

    2. The login is currently broken (login, Allow connection to Twitter, redirect – error page)

  3. What’s really unbelievable is that it’s five months later and this STILL hasn’t been fixed.

  4. I’d like to change the email address my Tweetdeck account is linked to, and that doesn’t seem available either. I guess I have to just set up a new account.

  5. i’d like to recuver my old account , which i forgot both my password n recuvery address…can u help me out! :|

    1. You will usually need the recovery address to recover your account. Now that you have lost it, It is best for you to contact the developer.

  6. Since the desktop application no longer is ‘Air’ but a chrome extension that has not nearly the same way of working, use the following steps:

    – LOG OUT of the web- or chrome extension version of the Tweetdeck application
    – Enter your e-mail, but no password
    – Don’t click on OK, but “I forgot my password” instead
    – Check your email account for the reset mail, follow instructions, think of a new password, enter it and you’re done!

  7. Does anyone know how to update the email address used with the Tweetdeck account? I’ve changed my email address and can’t figure out how to change it in Tweetdeck. (I use the desktop version but also looked in the web version and couldn’t find out how to do it.) Thanks!

    1.  The email account is your username, so it probably can’t be changed. Perhaps you can sign up a new account with the other email address.

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