How to Get Your Apple Devices Repaired If Your Apple Store Is Closed

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All Apple Stores outside of Greater China recently closed “until further notice” in order to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic. While the step is very effective in order to “flatten the curve,” this creates a lot of issues for users who want to get their Apple devices repaired. Below, some alternative options are discussed to get your product serviced until your nearest Apple store reopens.

Find an Apple Authorized Repair Center

Although your nearest Apple Store may be closed, a nearby Apple Authorized Repair center may be open and functioning. The difference between an Apple Authorized Repair Center and a general computer repair store is that the former is officially authorized by Apple and has official Apple parts to fix your device. Thus, it’s always recommend to opt for an Authorized repair center if you’re unable to reach an official Apple Store.

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To locate an Apple Authorized Repair center, go to, and select “Service and Support.” You’ll be walked through selecting the product that needs fixing and some categories of what’s wrong with the product. Once done, the website will show you the locations of the authorized repair centers that can do the work.

We’d recommend calling or locating the repair center once before visiting to confirm whether they’re actually open. It can save you the hassle of leaving your house and finding out the center is closed.

Send in Your Device For Repair

Although you can’t visit an Apple Store to get your device fixed, you can still ship it to Apple, and they’ll send it back once the repairs are done.

To get started, go to Apple’s Support website and choose “Start a Repair Request.” You’ll choose which product you want to get repaired and what the issue with it is. You can either choose to call Apple to get instructions to resolve the issue or start an online support chart. Once the technician determines that your device needs physical repair, they’ll send you the details for sending your device in.

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How to Get Your Device Back After It’s Repaired

If you send your device in to Apple using the method described above, Apple should automatically ship it back to you once the repairs are complete. But what if you had already left your device at an Apple Store to be repaired? You’ll need to wait until the Apple Store reopens, as stated by Apple on their retail closure FAQ page.

You will be able to collect your device once your Apple Store reopens. If your repair is not yet complete, we may need additional time after we reopen. You will be contacted when your device is ready.

Similarly, if you purchased a new device in recent days and wanted to return it within the 14-day return period, Apple will accept the return up to 14 days after retail stores reopen.

We hope you found the tips above useful if you need to get your Apple devices repaired. As always, we’d recommend you try to repair your devices on your own first (like running a battery test on iPhone, fixinh overheating issues, etc.) before you contact Apple.

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