How to Rename APK Files for Better Organization [Android]

Rooting is pretty popular. If you have ever rooted your phone or tablet, then you know you have access to APK files from backups or other reasons. You will also know these app packages are not always well named, making it hard to know which apk belongs to which app. To remedy this, there is an app called ApkRenamer.

ApkRenamer does exactly what you think it does. Automagically it will look through your Android device and find all the downloaded APK files so you can automatically rename APK files for better organization. The nice part about this is, you do not need to have a rooted device for this to work.

The initial folder ApkRenamer will look for files in may not be where you have all your apk files stored. In this case, there is an option in the settings to look through the sub-folders on your device. This may take a little while to search through all of the information on your phone, but it will save you some work tracking them all down.


Alternatively, you can direct ApkRenamer to the location of the folder where the files are stored (if you know where that is). You need to make sure the files are on your device or microSD card for ApkRenamer to automatically rename APK files.


While you are in the settings, you can make some other adjustments. I have chosen the Dark theme, but the default is light. You can also choose the order of the name and other information you’d like to display. The default is App name then the version number. The third choice is an empty spot. If you would like to show just the name and not the version, go to the Second item and change it to “<empty>”.


There is also a setting to change the separator used between the name and version number. The pro version offers even more renaming options.


After the APK files have been found, you can sometimes see the names of the files.


In some instances, your apk file will have a generic name like “tablet.apk”, or “app.apk”. However, when ApkRenamer reads it, you will see the actual name of the app.


When you press the “Rename Files” button, the apk files will be renamed to the configuration you set earlier.


Final words

If you have plenty of apk files and have no idea what they are, this will be a useful app for you. Instead of running the APK again just to see what the app is, you can simply scan the microSD card or memory of the device to see what the files are.

I found this to be really simple and use and solves the much needed problem of being able to automatically rename APK files for better organization. This way when you look at a backup, you will better know what you need from it if you are partially restoring information to your device.

What do you do when you find an APK file named app.apk?

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