1. “If you are paranoid about your privacy”

    Those few words speak a book about this author. While the content is rich and good I think the idea that this author is telling anyone that is interested in this topic that they are a paranoid loser. It is writers like this that belittle the very person they wrote the article for, that have cheapened the internet. It is the reply from this punk that I will not read the rest of the article and will instead look elsewhere for my tech news.

    WAKE UP Make Tech Easier, hire some grownups to write for you! If this is an in house author I suggest you grow up!

    1. It is people like you who don’t really give a damn about security who are the vectors for spreading of malware.

      It is writers like this that keep the rest of us safe from id10ts like you.

    2. Hi, Kevin.

      Thank you for your kind words. :)

      It’s a pleasure to provide useful tips for those who are interested to try some random hacks, tweaks and security measures for their devices.

      Thank you for your time for reading at least the second paragraph.

      God bless. :)

    3. Forgot to take your meds today? Oh no, Kevin doesn’t like this article and disagrees so everyone in the world must also disagree!!! NOT!!!!! Just throw out your computer and never come back to the Internet again. Trust me, you WILL NOT be missed!

      1. Feel free to agree or not, makes no difference and if you feel compelled to believe that my intention was to make simpler minds agree with me, I am humbled to have such power over you. I free you of your obligation, please do not feel I am forcing anything on you child. Go back to school and learn, you really have a lot of it to do little one!

        1. Even if your opinion was fact your poor presentation renders it null and void. There’s a trait known as emotional intelligence and I don’t think they teach that in school or I would tell YOU to “go back to school and learn, you really have a lot of it to do little one!” You may want to do research elsewhere. It will get you a lot further in business and interpersonal relationships. :-)

          1. I am surprised at you morons that think I was even talking to any of you. Take some of your own advice because you are the one with the problem, not me!

  2. I’m sure he’s DEVASTATED that you’re leaving, Kevin M. LOL.

  3. Kevin is not a very nice person as he felt the need to insult us before he left.

  4. Windows 8 is not thorough enough in removing metadata. You’ll be better off with dedicated 3rd party tools like BatchPurifier Lite and Exif Tag Remover.

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