Snippet: Remove IE As The Default Web Browser in Windows 7

Most, if not all, browsers provide you with the option to set it as the default web application in your system. The problem is, even though you have set Firefox or Google Chrome as your default, Windows 7 will still open some of the links in Internet Explorer.

To completely remove IE as the “internal default” browser in Windows 7, here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to Start -> Default Programs


2. Click on Set Program access and computer default


3. Click on Custom


4. Uncheck the field Enable access to this program beside the Internet Explorer field. Click Ok.


This will prevent the system from accessing the application and force Windows to use the intended default as the default browser.

5. Go to your favorite browser Options page and set the browser as the default again.

When you open your link or .html files in your Word document or Windows Explorer, it will now launch in your intended default browser.

That’s it.

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Image credit: damienhowley


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