How to Remove Google+ Birthdays From Google Calendar

If you have been a Google Calendar user, as well as a Google+ user, you will notice that additional Birthday entries are showing up in your calendar. The worst thing is most of them are from your Google+ contacts which you probably aren’t interested in knowing which days their birthdays fall on. It seems that Google has taken a drastic approach to integrate Google+ into all its services with no options to disable them.

Previously, the “Birthday” calendar was an additional calendar which you had to manually add to have it displayed in your calendar. However, a recent update by Google seems to push the “Birthday” calendar to the main calendar app and there is no way to disable it. For those who are not aware, the “Birthday” calendar grabs the birthdays of all your contacts, including Google+ contacts, and displays them on your calendar. For those who want to get the Google+ Birthdays off their calendar, here is a workaround:

1. Go to your G+ page and click on the “Settings” option under the “Home” dropdown.


2. Scroll down until you see the “Your Circles” section and click the “Customise” button.


3. Now, uncheck the box beside the circle of the contacts whose birthdays you don’t want to see on your calendar. This also means that when you share posts, photos, profile data and other things with “Your circles,” they won’t see it.


Click “Save.” Now refresh your calendar app. You will find that the Google+ Birthdays will no longer be there, except for those in the circles that you have selected.

As mentioned above, this is a workaround rather than a fix to the issue. Until Google provides the option to disable it, this is the only way to prevent Google+ Birthdays from showing up in your calendar.

Let us know if this is useful to you.

Update: To remove the Google+ birthdays from your Android phone, you first have to open the G+ app, make sure you are sign in, and get it to refresh. This will make sure it syncs with the settings you configure on your desktop. Lastly, run the Google sync and all the Google+ birthdays will be removed from your mobile calendar.

Damien Damien

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  1. I run Google’s Android Calendar app and use the Google Calendar web page/service constantly. The Birthday Calendar “overlay” has to be selected, (though it might well be so by default), and it plays by the rules, just like other calendars.

    So, why not just deselect the Birthdays calendar??

    1. I still love to have the Birthday calendar active as I can view all the birthdays of my friends at one glance. I just dislike its integration with G+ contacts

  2. It’s strange. It works for calendar in browser, but it does not work for calendar in Android phone. Still all contacts from Google+ are displayed there.

    1. @Patrick, it works on Android phone as well, but you will need to first open the G+ app, make sure you are sign in, and refresh. Next enable the Google sync and all the G+ birthdays will be gone.

      1. @Damien, thanks for the response. I already did it, but it’s still there. I am using G+ quite often, so am always logged in and I am refreshing the content frequently.
        I don’t know what exactly you mean by enable Google sync. I enabled/disabled in Settings – Accounts – Google – (my account) – Calendar, Google+ (anyway it was up to date), but still no progress :-(

        1. I am able to get it to work with the method above. In your G+ mobile app, did you set it to sync with your contact? If yes, uncheck it.

  3. I had also gone through every suggested step several times with no success, until I finally went back to the google android calendar in Android and found the following:

    1. Birthdays was listed under ‘More’ because I had removed that calendar from the list of displayed calendars.
    2. Clicked ‘Settings’ and under ‘More’ clicked ‘Birthdays’. Under my Google account, ‘Include’ still showed ‘ON’ despite everything else I had done to get rid of these damn things. Changed to ‘OFF’
    3. Back to Calendar, refresh and they are GONE GONE GONE, finally

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