Remotely Control All Your Computers with Screens 3 for Mac

It can be a pain to have to carry around all your laptops with you every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could control them all just from one Mac computer?

Now you can with Screens 3 for Mac. You can stay productive yet not have to drag all those laptops with you just in order to check in with all your OS systems. With this software, from one Mac computer you can connect with other Macs, Windows, or Linux PC computers from anywhere in the world. You can run apps on the other computers’ displays, both send and receive content, and stay productive, all for under $13.00.

With Screens you can:

  • Remotely access other computers from your Mac
  • Set up a trigger action each time you disconnect, such as logging out
  • Connect via an SSH tunnel to protect your data
  • Without logging in, get one-time guest access to another user’s Mac
  • Use important shortcuts to customize a toolbar
  • Connect to multiple displays at the same time
  • Use the clipboard functionality to send and receive content
  • Utilize your Mac’s multi-touch trackpad features

Get Screens 3 for Mac at 56% off for just $12.99.

Screens 3 for Mac

Bonus: W301R Zenith FPV Drone with HD Camera


Have you always wanted your own drone? Now’s your chance. You can control the W301R Zenith FPV Drone with HD Camera in real time with a first-person view to capture every move in high definition. You’ll be able to have a first-person view, headless mode, and flipping functionality, and you’ll be able to watch it all with the use of your smartphone screen.

This drone will allow you to:

  • Take both pictures and video with the HD camera
  • Use your smartphone with the iOS or Android app to watch the flight in real time
  • Simply press the Return button to bring the drone back
  • Easily change direction by resetting the orientation
  • Enjoy increased stability with the latest six-axis flight control system
  • Execute perfect 360-degree rolls
  • Use the 2.4Ghz remote control without worry of intercepting a different drone
  • >Change speeds by adjusting the throttle
  • Use the LED light to fly at night

Have your own drone for 50% off at just $149.99.

W301R Zenith FPV Drone with HD Camera

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