Remotely Access Windows 8 From Android Tablet


Splashtop2-for-Android-and-Windows-thumbnailThanks to technology, there are a plenty of ways we can use our mobile devices for leisure, entertainment, business, and productivity aside from connectivity. With Splashtop 2 app, we can also remotely access Windows PC and work as if you are directly in front of the PC.

How does remote desktop works anyway?

The concept of remote desktop allows an Internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, or PC) to virtually connect to another one and access what’s in the remote computer in real-time as if the user is actually working on the PC. In the case of an Android device, the screen resolution is smaller, but what happens in the computer screen is accessible using swipe, zoom-in and out gestures, and special virtual keyboard controls.

Splashtop 2 is a remote desktop solution for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Here is how it works.

Note: This tutorial will show you how to connect to Windows 8 desktop from Android tablet. It will work for iPad and iPhone as well.

Install Splashtop 2 in Android device

1. Go to Google Play Store and install the “Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop” app in your Android tablet. Once installed, launch the app.


2. Splashtop 2 requires users to create an account, which will be used for the Windows configuration later on. Once your account is created, click “Continue” for the next step.


3. The app instructs you to download Splashtop Streamer from the official website. Skip to the next step to install Splashtop Streamer on your PC.


Install Splashtop 2 Streamer in Windows

1. Download and install Splashtop Streamer on your Windows 8 desktop

2. Enter the Splashtop account you created previously.


Accessing Windows 8 desktop from Android

1. Once you are connected to your Splashtop account on both Android and Windows 8, you can now return to your Android tablet and see if it’s connected with the PC. Once you see this (refer to screenshot below), it means both devices are successfully connected. Make sure the “Screen Rotation” of your Android device is activated.


2. Click the icon and it will show you a dialog box, providing you a set of “Hints” with the Windows 8 touch gesture using the device. It’s recommended to read all of them (especially the Toolbar hint) to easily adapt on the gestures in the smaller screen. When you’re done, click “Continue” to proceed.


3. Splashtop 2 is now live in both devices. You can interact with your PC remotely at your own pace.



Splashtop 2 in Android and Windows worked well during the first stage of configuration. However, one caveat I found is that my smartphone device quickly ran out of battery power since I’m connected via Wi-Fi, a few apps are opened, and data syncing are simultaneous. Learn more of the hints and you’ll be comfortable navigating your Windows in a tablet or smartphone quickly. To enjoy remote desktop features, you should have a fast Internet connection for the devices to work well. In case you experience some lags, check your Wi-Fi connection again, disconnect the devices and then reconnect.

What do you think of Splashtop 2? Try it and let us know how it goes with you.

Maria Krisette Capati
Maria Krisette Capati

Krisette is a technology writer who loves to cover disruptive technologies, trends, and a myriad of rumors and news updates. To satiate the inconsolable longing to feed her gadget addiction, she simply writes and tinker her gadgets for reviews. You may follow her blurbs, too! @krisettecapati

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