Remote Web Desktop Lets You Control Your Android Phone From Desktop

There are no shortage of remote control apps in the Android market. These remote control apps allow you to send/receive SMS in your browser, receive Android notification on your desktop, control Windows 7, or even stream media to/from your devices. With Remote Web Desktop, you can now control your Android phone from your desktop browser.

Unlike many remote control apps that worked only on WiFi connection, the best thing I love about Remote Web Desktop is that it works in 3G connection as well. Unlike WiFi, which is a direct connection via the router, the 3G connection works via a bridged mode. It is not as straightforward, but the interface and speed are very smooth.

Another good thing about Remote We Desktop is that it doesn’t require you to install a separate app on your desktop. This means that it is cross-platform compatible and can work anywhere with a browser.

Getting Started

To get it working, first install the Remote Web Desktop app (free version) from Android market.

Open up the app and click the “Start Server” button (if you are connected via WiFi). Optionally, you can enter a password so only you can access. After 10 – 25 seconds, you will see a web URL for you to connect on your desktop browser.

If you are on 3G connection, select the bridge mode and enter your email address. Click the “Start Server” button and it will show you another web URL for you to connect to.

remote web desktop connection

Once you are connected to your phone, you can access the various apps and settings on your phone.


Sending/Receiving SMS

As shown in the screenshot below, you can receive and send SMS right within the browser. This is handy if you are always typing long messages or are always on your desktop.


WiFi Keyboard

If you install the WiFi Keyboard app from the Android market, you can integrate it with Remote Web Desktop and type on your Android phone with your physical keyboard.

File Explorer

The File Explorer app allows you to browse your system and SD card files. You can upload (via FTP)/download or even view any file. Best of all, if you right click on an apk file, you can get it to install in your phone as well.


Screen Capture

If you have rooted your phone, you can make use of the Screen Capture feature to capture screenshots on your phone.


Not all Android phone comes with a front camera, but most, if not, all of them came with a back camera. With this app, you can turn the back camera into a webcam for your Skype or video conferencing session.


Shared Clipboard

You can copy a text/word/sentence/paragraph/image, paste it in the Shared Clipboard and it will instantly become available in your phone.

Other than the above mentioned apps, there are several other features (Contacts, Notes and Mobile Settings) that are still “under construction”.


Remote Web Desktop doesn’t control every single aspect of your phone, but for those it does, I think they are very impressive.

There are two version of Remote Web Desktop in the market, free and paid. The paid version ($3.99) is ad-free and comes with a HTTPS secure mode and unlimited FTP file transfer.

Remote Web Desktop (free) | paid


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