Remote Control Your Mac With Your iPhone/iPod Touch

We know that there are plenty of things that you can do with your iPhone/iPod Touch, and one of the coolest thing of all is to be able to remote control your Mac with your iPhone/iPod Touch. This gives you the convenience to move around your house (or laze in your bed), yet have access to your Mac in the other room. No, we are not talking about any iPhone apps that you have to paid $0.99 for. We are referring to iSofa, a native Mac app.

iSofa is a Mac application that turns your Mac into a Web server. You can then access the web server from your iPhone/iPod Touch and remote control your Mac from your iDevice. it makes use of the Mac inbuilt web sharing feature and the automator scripts to achieve the effect. The concept is simple, the implementation is simple and the user interface is great.

Download and install iSofa.

Once it is installed, it will show a window showing the IP address that you can access from your iDevice.


Click OK. Your Safari will now pop up showing the iSofa admin page. This is where you can configure your iSofa’s iPhone interface. You can upload a background wallpaper, set a password for the connection, the IP/port for your Mac to listen to etc.


If you have make any changes to the connection IP and port, you need to restart the Web sharing service. Go to System Preferences -> Sharing. Turn off the Web sharing and turn back on again to restart it.


Next, on your iDevice, launch the mobile Safari. Browse to the IP address given to you earlier. You will be able to connect to the iSofa main page.


In the event that you cannot connect, it is probably due to the firewall measure that you have put in place. To solve this, go to System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall. Check “Set access to specific services and applications”. Make sure Web sharing is listed is in the box below.


Refresh your iPhone mobile Safari. You should be able to connect to your iSofa admin now.

There are several things that you can remote control with iSofa. For example, you can play iTunes music.


You can browse files on your iPhone.


You can also set alarm for your Mac.


Other features include

  • Keynote Remote
  • VLC Remote
  • DVD Player Remote
  • QuickTime Remote
  • FrontRow Remote
  • Screen wake up
  • Screen sleep
  • Screensaver launcher

iSofa background customization

Optionally, you can also customize the background of the iSofa interface to your liking.


Go to iSofa Gallery. Browse through the collection of wallpapers and find the one that you like one. Download it to your desktop.


In your Mac iSofa admin page, re-upload the wallpaper. Now, refresh your browser in the iPhone. The wallpaper will change.


Considering that it is free (with Creative Common license) and allows you to remote control plenty of stuffs from your iPhone/iPod Touch, I think that iSofa is a great app to have. It might not aid you in productivity, but it sure can allow you to laze in your bed while enjoying the music/video playing from your Mac. And yes, it saves you the effort to get out of your bed to shut down your Mac.

What uses do you have for iSofa and what other features do you hope to see in the future version?


  1. HI…

    1. @ZPI: Nope. It supports only Tiger and Leopard at the moment. Hopefully, it will support Snow Leopard in the near future.

  2. isofa is good.
    We all use this.

  3. nice isofa software
    I got a new ipod transfer software

  4. I found a program to take screenshots on Mac! It is called Screenshots Remote Remote for iPhone,

    1. That is a really useful app, best used for privacy control or parental control. Thanks for recommending.

  5. How can I get it to work on 10.6.6? I get a pop up before I run it to install that says it only works on 10.4.x or 10.5.x

    1. This application does not work for 10.6.x. You might want to try the “Remote” app for iPhone to achieve the same thing in 10.6

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