Remote Control your Computer With Gmail Remote Command

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a small application that don’t require any installation and allows you to remote control your computer via email? If you are searching for such an application, then Gmail Remote Command (GRC) is definitely the one that you are looking for.

GRC is a software that allows Gmail users to command their PC by sending an email to their Gmail account with the predefined tags. The program is only 36kb in size and does not require any installation.

At this moment, GRC only works in Windows XP (no Vista and other OSes) and your remote Window XP machine has to be connected to the Internet at all time.

Download GRC at
Download MSINET.ocx file.

Extract the and double click on the program. It will show an error message that MSINET.ocx file is not found. Now, copy the MSINET.ocx file that you have downloaded to C:/Windows/System32.

Run the GRC again. A small window will pop up.

Gmail Remote Command Screenshot1

The predefined tag is [open] and [/open]. If you want to change it, click on Setting (You can’t access the Setting when you are logged in) and change the configuration to what you desire.

Gmail Remote Command screenshot2

Login to your gmail account. GRC will now access your Gmail account every 60secs to check for new instructions.

To remote control your PC, you can send an empty email to your Gmail account with the following subject:

To open a file:

[open]C:\Documents and Settings\Damien\Desktop\Sunset.jpg[/open]

To open an application (such as Microsoft Word)

[open]C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe[/open]

To open a webpage


To shutdown the computer

shutdown or [open]shutdown[/open]

Personally, I don’t have the habit of leaving my computer on while I am out, so I don’t really have much use of this application. One of the useful thing that I can think of is that I can remotely shutdown my PC after I leave it on to download a huge file. I am sure you can figure out more ways to use this application. If you have any, do leave your comments and let me know.

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  1. call me paranoid, but something says me that i should not allow google to do this for me too beside all the other things they track.

    polarizers 2 cents

  2. Wise opinion, my friend – good that you pointed that up.

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