Remote Control Windows 7 With Your Android Phone

WIN Remote is an Android app that allows you to remote control your Windows 7 directly from your mobile. As compared to an earlier post on remote controlling your computer from Android, this app is much more polished and there are many features that are dedicated to Windows 7.

To be able to remote control Windows 7, we need to install both the mobile app and the desktop app. The desktop app will start the necessary services and listen for remote input while the mobile app allows you to enter, transmits and control your computer.

Download the Windows Remote Services here (desktop app). Install the app in your Windows 7. Once installed, go to “Banamalon -> Windows Remote Services” folder in the Program Files folder and double click the WindowsRemoteService.exe file to start the server.



Next, on your Android phone, go to the market and download WIN – Remote (web market link). Once installed, open the app. You should see the following:


Tap on the Menu button and select Preferences. Tap on the Server Settings, followed by IP address. Set the IP address of your computer.


Assuming you are connected to the same Home network as your computer, you should now able to remote control your computer.

First thing first, tap on the Input button on your Android device and start moving around in the blank canvas. You should see the mouse cursor pointing in your computer too.


There are several applications that you can control with WIN Remote. Other than the mouse and keyboard, you can also browse your files and open the files in your computer. For example, I can navigate to my wallpaper folder on my Android phone and open the wallpaper on my computer.



Other applications that you can control include browser, task manager, various video and audio players (including Windows Media Player), image viewers, Windows Media Center, Powerpoint, OpenOffice etc. Lastly, you can also power on/off, reboot or hibernate your computer.


In conclusion, WIN-Remote is one of the most complete remote control app for Windows 7 in the market. In addition to opening the application, you can also control the volume, play next/previous track, refresh the current web page, and many more things. The interface might be plain, but most of the stuff just worked.

WIN Remote is free to download, but it is ad-supported. You can also download the ad-free donate version if you want to.

WIN Remote (homepage)

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