How Much Do You Rely on Google Services?


Google takes up so much of the modern-day computing space. Its products and services number way more than just a search engine, so much more that you might not even realize the extent that you rely on Google services as a whole. How much do you rely on Google services?

Indeed, the Google experience takes us far beyond a search engine. The search engine set the stage and became such a quintessential tool that it became a verb. Many times we are “Googling” for information and not just “searching.” But we also use it to send email with Gmail, create documents with Google Docs, save files in the cloud with Google Drive, and tend to our photos with Google Photos.

But there are still more Google services than just those. There’s the social network Google+, the instant messenger Hangouts, the Chrome browser, Google Maps, Adsense, Google Calendar, Google Play, and Google Translate. And let’s not forget that YouTube is also owned by Google.

Not everyone likes Google, though. Sometimes people are just against the company altogether, opposed to it taking over their computing. And If you’re an Apple product user, they offer many competing services after originally offering Google services in their computing experience.

How about you? How much do you rely on Google services?

Note: technically speaking, using an Android device is not reliant on Google Services, but if you are installing apps from the Play Store, then yes, you are reliant on Google.

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. At present I am using GMail only. But I am looking for another mail service so I can disentangle myself from Google’s suffocating embrace.

  2. Given the fact that putting anything on any of Google’s services gives permission for Google to copy it and use/modify it in any way they see fit; given that Google reads all e-mail sent/received through GMail, thus violating not only their user’s privacy but the privacy of those sending e-mail to Google users; given the fact that when a person uses any of Google’s services, Google tracks everything they do and everywhere they go; and given that Google bundles up all that data they’ve gathered about a user and sells it to anyone willing to pay their price, means that anyone that uses Google’s services is a fool.

  3. If it makes sense for countries to be energy independent or at least not be totally dependent on one other country, it makes sense for people not to be totally dependent on one company. Diversify people! – lehelmatyus

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