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With the release of every new iPhone, Apple has continued to emphasize the strength of its camera app. Everything from the sensor to megapixels to new features gets at least some stage time at every Apple event announcing new iPhones. As these features are released and cameras improve, so, too, does the resulting photo and video sizes. When you capture more and more content, you are taking up more space on your iPhone. If you are not careful, you can run out of space. While you can easily transfer videos off the iPhone, another easy fix is to reduce video size through compression. Here’s how to compress videos on your iPhone.

There Is No Default Method

One thing should be clear from the start: any steps to compress video size on the iPhone will be done through third-party applications. There is no default method from Apple to do this. The only thing you can do on your iPhone is reduce the original video size.

How To Compress Videos Iphone Settings

Go to “Settings -> Camera” on your iPhone and find the option for “Record video.” Tap on it and find six different possible options for recording video. (You will see fewer options on a non-4K iPhone.) At the bottom of this screen, Apple included a note about how much storage space a video will take up with each setting. If you want to “compress” your video, choose one of the bottom two options.

Use Video Compress App

One of the most popular solutions to compress videos directly on your iPhone is using an app called Video Compress. Available for free, the app has two paid options to remove ads and compress an unlimited number of videos. Beyond its cost, the app is one of the easiest solutions to save space on your iPhone.

1. Once you have it installed, open the Video Compress app and tap on the giant “+” button.

How To Compress Videos Iphone Plus Button

2. After hitting the “+” button, the app will ask for permission to access your photos Go ahead and say OK. The app will then show you the list of all of your available videos. Choose the video you want to compress by tapping on it. You can select just one video or tap on multiple videos to compress them at the same time.

How To Compress Videos Iphone Select Video

3. You must now select the level of compression you want for each video. There are multiple presets available enabling you to choose everything from Full HD (28.6 MB per minute) to 360p video quality (3.6 MB per minute). You can also adjust the bitrate with a higher bitrate equaling better quality and more space. When you have made your selection, you can either preview the video at the reduced size or hit “Continue” to move on.

How To Compress Videos Iphone Video Format

4. Your next option is to select a Destination Album. If none of the listed options work, look at the bottom and tap on “Add new album” and move forward.

How To Compress Videos Iphone Choose Album

5. When the destination is selected, you can proceed with compression. Depending on the number of videos, the actual compress process should be relatively brief and done within 30 seconds or so.

How To Compress Videos Iphone Compressing

6. Finally, you now have the choice of keeping the original video or deleting it and keeping only the newly-resized video. Tap on Finish if you want to lose the original and complete the entire process.

How To Compress Videos Iphone Keep Or Delete

Looking at the resized video in the photo app shouldn’t show much of a change. Most people don’t know the difference between 4K/1080p or 1080p/720p. You are now free to share the video to your social channels, friends and family or just enjoy the freed up space on your iPhone.

Using Online Apps

If you don’t have problems with the Internet connection and data cap, you could use one of the online video compression services. As with the video compression apps, there are many available.

For example, VideoSmaller allows you to reduce video size either by uploading to their server or by pointing it to the video URL, as long as the size doesn’t exceed 500 MB. The service also allows you to resize the video and supports a wide range of video file formats.


Other Compression Options

If the above methods don’t work for you to compress videos on your iPhone, there are dozens of other video compression apps on the App Store waiting in the wings. All of them achieve the same goal and with mostly the same set of options. There are a finite number of ways to shrink a video, specifically as it relates to what outputs you choose (1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.). Outside of the app store, you can always move videos over to your Mac or Windows machine and use third-party applications, like handbrake, to shrink video files.


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  1. I bought a new Apple iPhone and also the manual there were no user instructions with it which I need as I am not good with technology (69) I need to send a short video 3min video to the family of the spreading of my husbands ashes at sea ,because of covid the boat could not take many. I cannot find out how to make the video compressed to send it via email to the family. I need the basic’s to be able to use the phone but the manual does help at all. I am hoping this will help me .

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