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You can easily be overwhelmed when you first enter Reddit because of all the options it has to offer. A new user to Reddit can also find it to be too much after discovering that Reddit has thousands of subreddits.

What’s a subreddit? It’s a section of Reddit that only talks about one topic. For example, if you type “” in your browser’s address bar, you will be taken to the section where users are only talking about Android, and the same thing would happen if you were to type “”.

You can also make your Reddit experience more pleasant if you use these great Reddit Clients for iOS and Android.

Finding What Interests You

You obviously went to Reddit for a reason and only want to use your time searching for things you’re interested in. To locate the Subreddit of your interest, go to


On the new page, you will see a search bar that asks what you are interested in. Type in what you want and Reddit will show you a variety of subreddits you can join, but if you want to know the top subreddits, you can always use Reddit Metrics. Once you have found what you are looking for, don’t forget to use these five Reddit Chrome Extensions to enhance your forum experience.

See Reddit Images as Slideshows

Do you like puppies? Who doesn’t, right? If the only thing that you want to do is see the cutest pups on Reddit as a slideshow, all you have to do is add a “p” in the URL. For example, just type I recommend looking at this slideshow; I got a little distracted writing this article because of those cute little pups.

How to Unblock Reddit

If you feel the urge to visit Reddit while at work, but when you try to access it you realize that your boss has blocked the site, what should you do? Don’t panic, there’s way around this. To get past the restriction, you need to type This should take you to Reddit on the majority of the web blockers.

What if only certain subreddits are blocked? There’s a way around that too, and it’s as easy as adding a “+”. So, “” would turn into

Chronologically Sort Reddit Comments

Have you ever read a post on a forum where you were more entertained by the comments than the text itself? If you want to chronologically sort live stream Reddit comments, all you have to do is add “-stream” to the URL. For example, “” would become “″.

Organize Your Reddit Posts Into Categories

When everything is organized, things are just easier to find, and Reddit posts are no different. An easy way to do this is with the help of the web app Uforio. With this web app, you can put your Reddit posts into categories such as Video, Pictures, and Links.


If you click on the folder located on the upper right-hand corner, you will be taken to various subreddits. Right under the title of Subreddits you will also see three options. You can choose between Subscribed, moReddit_Super_User_featuredst visited and last visited. But, if you have a subreddit in mind, you can type it into the search bar to get direct access.

Uforio also gives you the option of browsing your content the Uforio way or the Reddit way by clicking on the Classic option under the Settings button. In Settings, you will find different types of options such as show favorite bar or animations effects.


Tricks When Commenting

You wouldn’t enjoy Reddit if you didn’t throw in a comment here and there, but with these tricks, you can add some spice to your comments.

  • To type in Italics – *The text you put between these two asterisks is what will be in Italics*
  • To type in bold – **Here you need to use double asterisks for your text to appear in bold**
  • To use strike through – ~~If you want to strike through your text use double tildes~~

Boosting Your Reddit Karma Is Easy


Reddit Karma is what motivates users to participate, and you can get a lot of karma by posting content the users like. If other Reddit readers like what you post, they will upvote it by clicking on the arrows next to the number of the post. The more upvotes you get, the more Karma you get, and the more downvoted you get, the more your Karma worsens. Your comments can also lose Karma, so be careful with your comments.


It takes time to master Reddit, but you will get a head start with these tips and tricks. What tips were missed? Let us know in the comments.

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