How to Recover WiFi Passwords Using Your Android Device

How to Recover WiFi Passwords Using Your Android Device

If you have forgotten the WiFi password of your network, but you have previously used that network on your Android device, you can use your device to retrieve the password information for the network.

When you connect to a secure WiFi network, your Android device will save the password for that network on your device, so if you have forgotten the password, you can easily retrieve it.

Recovering WiFi Passwords Using an Android Device

In order to run the app on your device, your device must be rooted. If it is not, the app will not run on it and you will not be able to retrieve the WiFi password.

So, rooted users, here you go.

1. Head over to the Google Play store and download and install the WiFi Key Recovery app on your device. Launch the app after it is installed.

2. When the app launches, it will ask you to grant it the Superuser permissions. To do that, tap “Allow” in the prompt that appears on your screen, and it should be given adequate permissions to do its tasks.


3. As soon as you grant the app Superuser permissions, you should be able to see all of the WiFi networks that you have connected to using your device along with their passwords. The text that appears next to the label “psk” is the password of that particular WiFi network.


4. If you happen to have a lot of networks in the list, and you cannot manually find it by looking through the list, type in the name of the WiFi network in the search box given on the top and your WiFi network will appear.


5. To copy the password of a WiFi network to your clipboard, tap on the network name, and then tap on “Copy password.”


6. If you would like to export this information for backup or for later use, tap the Menu button on your device and choose the option that says “Export.”


7. Choose the method of sharing the exported data. You can tap the “To SD” button to export the data to your SD card.


8. The data should be saved in a file on your SD card that you can access at any time you want.

You now have access to the passwords of all the WiFi network connections that you have ever connected to on your Android device.

Should you ever wish to see the password of a network, open up the file that you exported using the app, and it will show you the password for your network.


With an increasing number of passwords we create in our everyday life, we tend to forget even those that we have created in the past couple of days. The app above should help you retrieve passwords of all of your WiFi networks that have been used at least once on your Android device.

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  1. How secure is this? How easy is it for a hacker to break into your phone and have access to all those passwords?

  2. Or, if you have a rooted device, you can open “/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf” file with any text editor and you will see exactly the same information.

  3. A nice material alternative is using the following app:

    It includes options for sharing and copying to clipboard.

    Your phone must be rooted in order for the app to work :).

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