Forgot Your WiFi Password? Here’s How to Recover It Using Your Mac

Forgot Your WiFi Password? Here's How To Recover It Using Your Mac

In case you do not remember the password for your WiFi network, you can recover it using your Mac. Your Mac saves passwords for all of the WiFi networks that you connect to in the Keychain Access and lets you view them when you want. Keychain Access also stores a number of other passwords that you use for various apps on your machine.

Here’s how you can use Keychain Access to retrieve your forgotten WiFi network password.

Recovering a Forgotten WiFi Password Using Your Mac

1. Click on Launchpad in your dock, search for and click on “Keychain Access.”


2. When Keychain Access loads, click on “System” in the left-hand menu. That is where your WiFi network is located.


3. Find your WiFi network in the long list. When you have found it, right click on it and select “Get Info” to get to the screen where you can see the password.


4. On the screen that follows and checkmark the box that says “Show password” to have it show you the WiFi password.


5. A prompt will appear asking you to enter your username and password. Do so and click on “OK” to move forward.


6. You will get a second prompt asking you to enter your full username and password. Fill in those details, and then click on “Allow” for Keychain Access to show the password.


7. You should be able to see your WiFi network password in the box next to the “Show password” checkbox to help you use it on your other devices.


If you would like to copy the password to your clipboard in a faster way, you can simply right click your WiFi network in the list, select the “Copy Password to Clipboard” option and the password will be copied to your clipboard.


Do note that you will still need to enter your user account details before getting the password copied to your clipboard. That is just a precaution that Apple takes to ensure that you are the authorized user before giving access to that particular information on your Mac.


It is very easy to forget the WiFi password if it has not been used recently, and the guide above should help you recover it using your Mac.

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