Recover Your Lost Data With Easeus Data Recovery Wizard + Free Giveaway


Most of you would think that if you back up your data regularly, they would be safe. Sound logical, isn’t it? The idea of data backup is that if the main hard drive fails, you still have another one to take its place. But what happen if your backup hard drive crashes as well?

Last month, after I have backed up my data, I reformatted my PC and installed a new Linux distro. When I plug in the backup hard drive to restore the data, the hard drive crashed on me. That must be the worst thing that ever happens to me, and yes, ALL MY DATA WERE GONE.

To cut the long story short, I went in search of a data recovery software and Easeus Data Recovery Wizard just appears right there in the top of the search result. I give it a try and it WORKS. If you are in the same shoe as me, you need to give this software a try.

I found EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard very useful in several ways. It is easy to use and it supports several storage media, including hardware RAID and hard drive, USB drive, SD card and memory card. The main version supports only FAT and NTFS file format, but the professional edition supports EXT file format as well.

There are three ways to retrieve data in DRW:

1) Deleted file recovery – If you deleted the file by mistake, this is where you go to find back the file

2) Complete recovery – Useful if the hard drive is accidentally formatted or crashed and the drive letter is gone.

3) Partition recovery – Great for lost partition.


The usage is easy. Simply click on any of the above option, select the drive/partition that you want to restore and click Next.


It will then proceed to scan the particular drive. The whole process can take from several minutes to several hours, depending on the size of your drive/partition.


Once it has finished scanning, it will display the result window. On the left is the list of all the file types found in the hard disk. Click on anyone of them and it will show the result on the right. For example, if you are searching for your lost image (in .jpg format), just select the JPEG Graphics File on the left and it will show a list of all the jpg file in the drive. Since it doesn’t show the actual name of the file, you might want to place a check on all the files and restore them


The next step is simply choosing the directory to save your file. Remember not to save them in the same place where they were previously located.



That’s it.

Free Giveaway

Here’s the good news, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is originally priced at $69.95, but is now available for free download for a limited time. This download is fully functional and is a full licensed software. Grab it now before the offer ends.

Download Easeus Data Recovery Wizard here.

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  1. This article was so helpful indeed.Everything is very elaborate.I bet i will try this out because my hard drive crashed and i lost some of my word data.I did not lose all because i have all my files backed up online with safecopy online backup.So just a few got lost.Oh i love safecopy backup because of the services they offer.Because here if i delete any file by mistake i can recover them back by just a few clicks.

  2. Ouch! Losing of data is always a painful experience. I hope you will be able to recover your lost files.

  3. Thanks Dinah so much for the information about Safecopy backup.I also love Safecopy and it is what i use for all my backups.Am now so happy that i can backup multiple computers on a single account.

  4. Bagi teman – teman yang pernah mengalami harddisk, flasdisk, MMC rusak
    – no detect- partisi hilang- terformat- fdisk- virus- corrupt
    – delete- hidden..dll…..bisa dikonsultasikan atau di recovery data
    bisa datang ke ertech komputer.
    Alamat nya: jl.karang rejo x/36 surabaya (daerah ketintang)
    Hub : 031 72357968 / 081330029001
    Saya dulu pernah menyelamatkan harddisk no detek
    Disini memang spesialis recovery data. masalah harga bisa di nego,
    Trims ertech berkat ertechcom dataku kembali normal.
    Semoga sukses…..teman2…!!

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