Recover Long Lost Files with Recuva

It seems like everything that Piriform produces becomes a handy tool to keep in your PC toolbox.  Recuva is no exception.  This handy application offers Windows users the ability to restore important files that have been deleted from the system.  Much in line with CCleaner and Defraggler, Recuva is a free utility that provides unquestionable value.

Recuva allows you to selectively search for specific files such as pictures, music, videos, and documents or you can search for any deleted files if you are looking for something outside of a specific niche. This handy walkthrough will show you just how easy it is!

To get started, download the installation file from the Recuva site and use the wizard to guide you through the installation.  The only change that I would suggest would be to uncheck Install Yahoo Toolbar when presented with the option.

Once installed, launch Recuva and select continue if prompted by Vista’s UAC security warning. This product uses a very easy to follow wizard to help you recover those lost files quickly and easily.


As you can see, Recuva gives you the ability to specialize your search, so that your file is more likely to be recovered quickly. Once you get to the end of the wizard, you are given the option to do a deep scan. It’s not recommended on your first pass, but if you have trouble recovering a file you can try the deep scan to improve your results.

After you click Start, Recuva will begin scanning your drive(s) for deleted files. A progress bar allows you to see how far along the scan is at any given moment. Once that scan is complete, you will be presented with a listing of files that can be recovered. I chose to recover a picture, so in my example I am offered thumbnails to make finding my file easier.


All that’s left is to place a checkmark in the checkbox under your file, then click the Recover button in the lower right-corner of the window. A dialog box will appear asking where you would like to save the recovered files to. It is highly recommended to select a drive that is different than the drive containing your files.


After one last prompt that tells you the recovery time, your files are in your selected location and ready for use.


This tool is a great asset to have on hand and it could certainly be a life saver one day. I look forward to the next great product from Piriform to see just how much easier computer management can get.


Norm is a a Canadian IT professional with 12 years of experience under his belt as a Technology Architect, Microsoft Certified Application Developer and as an Analyst. He has written numerous articles for multiple technology blogs, in addition to his own blog

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