How To recover Google account Password Via SMS Message

google smsIf you haven’t added your Phone number in your Google account preferences, it’s high time you do it. The mobile phone number can be used to recover your Google account password in case you forget your password or lose control of your Google account. Yes, you can recover your Google account through a secondary email address but using your mobile number is a safer way to recover your Google account, in case you forget the password.

Using a secondary email address to recover your Google account

Before we go any further, let me remind you that you can reset your Google account password, if you have set up secondary email address. The process is simple enough. When you forget the password of your email account, Google will send a confirmatory link in your secondary email address. Click the link and you are taken to the password recovery page, from where you can reset the password and login to your account.

But, here lies a big question. What if i forget the password of my secondary email account ? You are totally compromised and cannot recover the primary email account.

Hence, using the phone number option is a much better and easy way to recover your Google account as it does not require you to remember any secondary email address or password.

Connect Your Mobile number with your Google account

Following are the steps involved to connect a mobile number with your Google account :

1. Sign in to your account and go to your account settings page.

2. For security reasons,you will be asked to log in again. After logging in, click “Change password recovery options”.


3. Choose your country from the drop down list and add your phone number. This phone number will receive a code to reset your password so choose your phone number carefully.


4. After adding the phone number, click on save to update your account.

That’s it. You have just added your Mobile phone number with your Google account. Now it’s time to test what happens when you can’t access your Google account.

Test your Google account password recovery using SMS message

After you have added the mobile number with your Google account it’s time to test whether you are able to reset your password or not. Following are the steps involved to test your Google account password recovery process:

1. While signing in, write your username and supply a wrong password. After that click the link “Can’t access your account”.


2. Now you will be redirected to the password recovery page. Select “I forgot my password” and then browse to the password assistance page.


3.You will be asked to submit your username. Just type your username and click on submit.


4. Fill the captcha and hit the submit button again.

5. As soon as you hit the submit button, you will get a text message in your mobile phone containing a security code.The message will read

“Your Google account recovery code is XXXXXXX. If you did not request this code you can safely ignore this message”.


To use the code sent to your mobile, browse to the page as shown above.

8. Just submit the code and click on the submit recovery code button.


9. Bingo ! You will be asked to reset your password. Choose a password,enter it twice and you can reset your Google account password.


Have you associated your mobile number with your Google account ?

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  1. The thing is, anyone can change your recovery / secondary email address. My gf can get access to my gmail account at any time, with no effort. She usually just put her email address down, and the system let her change my secondary email address, because “I” have no access to my “old” recovery account – in their view… How stupid is that? She doesn’t have access to my mobile, or any of my other emails…

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