How to Recover From The “File Not Found: Grub Rescue” Boot Up Error [Linux, Quick Tips]

Sometimes, when you install a new Linux distro in your PC and you didn’t set the boot flag correctly, you will often end up with a unbootable machine with the following error message (as shown in the left image).

This happened to me while I were installing the Ubuntu 12.10 on my PC. The installation went fine, but when I reboot, the error message show up and I am not able to boot into my desktop. Since I am pretty sure I have installed the boot loader, the issue seems to be that the Grub can’t find the boot folder and read the necessary files. Here’s the fix.

1. Reboot my PC using the Ubuntu USB Installer and boot into the LiveCD.

2. Select the “Try Ubuntu” to go to the Live Desktop. Open a terminal.

3. Install Boot Repair. (For this to work, you have to be connected to the Internet)

4. Run Boot Repair with the command

This is what you will see:


5. Click the “Recommended Repair”. This will reinstall Grub and set the pointer to point to the correct location. In most cases, this will fix the boot issue. If not, you can go to the “Advanced Option” and customize the options.

6. Lastly, when you see the following message, you can safely reboot the PC (and remove the USB drive).


You should be able to boot into your desktop now.


  1. i followed the steps but got a boot unsuccessfully repaired. any tips on how to go about it. i am dual booting with windows


    1. Does that work for you?

  3. Worked like a charm with my manual Mint 14 install. Many thanks! :)

  4. Thanks saved my lot of time :)

  5. been trying for days till now excelent thanks

  6. Does it work with virtualbox Debian 64 bit?

  7. It should work in virtualbox, but I am not sure about Debian

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