How to Recover a Damaged Excel File with Recovery Toolbox for Excel

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Sometimes it seems that developers update software whether we actually need updates or not. It’s always nice to have bug fixes and the occasional extra feature, but upgrades can get in the way of your productivity. How can you get anything done when you need to learn how to use what feels like a completely different program?

This is especially true with software like Excel, which people generally rely on for key parts of their business. Sticking with an older version can help you get your work done more efficiently, so users will often avoid upgrades. The problem is, the longer you use something, the more likely it is you’ll run into a major problem.

One of the new features in Excel 2019 is a better ability to repair files. You don’t get this if you’re using older versions, so you’ll probably have to turn to a third-party to fix your damaged Excel files. A good third for a third-party tool is Recovery Toolbox for Excel

Why Use Recovery Toolbox for Excel?

One of the main features of Recovery Toolbox for Excel is that it can fix larger Excel spreadsheets. Generally, the larger the file, the tougher it is to repair. If you’re using Excel for your business, chances are you’re dealing with at least one file.

While Excel 2019 is better than it has ever been at repairing damaged files, this tends to work better with newer files. If you’re using an old version of Excel, the new version may not repair your file. You may also not want to upgrade your version of Microsoft Office just in the hope that Excel may fix your damaged file.


On the other hand, Recovery Toolbox for Excel is much more affordable. A single license for the app will cost you just $27, and then you can use the app as much as you want.

You also don’t have to worry about paying for different versions of the software across multiple platforms. Recovery Toolbox also has an online file recovery tool you can use on any platform.

Is Your Version of Excel Supported?

Recovery Toolbox’s software and online repair services both support a wide range of Excel versions. Even if you’re still using files in the Excel 98 file format, you’ll be able to try to repair them using the software.

Most Excel files use either the .XLS or .XLXS extension. Recovery Toolbox for Excel supports both of these file types. It also supports other file types including .XLT, .XLSM, .XLTM, and .XLAM.

How to Use Recovery Toolbox for Excel on Windows

Using Recovery Toolbox for Excel is fairly simple. Download and run the installer, then run the app. The first step is simply to select the file you want to repair. Any file with one of the extensions mentioned above will work as long as it’s from a supported version of Excel.

How To Recover Excel File Recovery Toolbox Online Website

When attempting to recover a file, Recovery Toolbox for Excel will examine it a few times. The first time is to see how much, if any, data from the file is recoverable. Then the app will show you a preview of the data. This helps to let you know whether to move on with the recovery process or if the file is too damaged to bother.

Once you’ve ascertained that the file does contain the data you want to retrieve, Recovery Toolbox for Excel begins its second analysis. This takes longer, as it is actually building a new document from scratch, using the data from the damaged file. Once it has finished, the program will let you know, and then you’re safe to exit it.

What If You Don’t Use Windows?

The standard Recovery Toolbox for Excel software is only available for Windows, though it can recover data from Excel files created on other platforms. This can still be a problem if you’re a Mac or Linux user. The good news is that this software isn’t your only option. Recovery Toolbox’s online repair tool will work on any platform as long as you’re running a supported browser.

Using the online software is fairly easy. All you need to do to get started is enter your email address and upload the file. The tool needs your email as that is how it notifies you whether it was able to recover data from your file or not. Also, this can take longer than the Windows version, so it’s nice to be able to walk away from the computer and have the tool notify you by email when your file is ready.

How To Recover Excel File Recovery Toolbox Online Service

If recovery was successful, you can preview the recovered file to make sure the data you need is present. After this you can pay to download the full file. You don’t need to pay ahead of time and hope that the recovery works.

Pricing for the online service varies based on file size, but your first recovered file is just $5. After this, most people can expect to pay around $10 to recover an average-sized Excel document.

For more information on using the online repair tool, Recovery Toolbox offers a walkthrough for users.

How Well Does Recovery Toolbox for Excel Work?

If a file is irreparably damaged, no software is going to be able to recover the data, including Recovery Toolbox for Excel. The company’s specialists estimate that roughly 40 to 50 percent of files have some recoverable data. Still, if you’ve lost key data, having a 50 percent chance of getting some of it back is better than nothing.

The Windows version of Recovery Toolbox for Excel offers a free trial. This lets you run all the way through the process up to the final preview. Using the trial, you can find out if your file is recoverable, only paying once you know the software can recover data. Then you’ll have the software around forever in case this happens again.

The online file recovery service is similar, except of course that this works on a one-time basis. Considering it’s cheaper, this can be the better option if you’re sure you’re never going to need to repair an Excel file again.

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