An Alternative to Google Play Games for Recording Your Android Screen

Google has added a Game-recording feature to its Google Play Games app. Unfortunately, the update isn’t global and initially released only in the US and the UK, so it may take some time until your app is updated if you don’t reside in the supported countries. That also means you can’t record your game plays on your Android phone until then.

To help you record your Android screen, we have a great alternative to Google Play Games. Here we review Mobizen, a simple Android screen-recording app that is free and comes with no limitations.

Mobizen’s Android screen-recording feature works on all Android phones running Android 4.2 and above. Samsung phone users will need to download Mobizen for Samsung (following Samsung policies); other Android phone users can download the standard Mobizen app. The app is completely free and doesn’t require any root access.

When you launch the app you need to agree to the “User Agreement” and sign up for a Mobizen account. You can either sign up using your email address or directly log in using your Google+ or Facebook account. Once logged in, skip the tutorial about using the phone-mirroring feature (another feature of Mobizen), and you will see the “Record Screen” button in the main interface.


Before you start recording the screen, it is best to customize the settings. To customize recording settings, tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen and select “Recording Preferences” from the menu. On the next page, you will see all the options to select video quality and other recording options.


You can customize the options according to your nends. For best results, select the highest value in the “Quality” and “Resolution” options, and set “FPS” to “No Limit.” However, choosing high settings also means you will get a huge file size. Other options you can change include widget display, widget transparency, audio recording and gesture recording.

Once you have customized the options, tap on the “Record Screen” button, and you will be directed to your phone’s Home screen with a tiny Mobizen widget on the right. This widget controls everything when it comes to recording your Android screen. It will record, pause, stop and even take screenshots while the video is playing.


Tap on the widget to open all the options, and select the “Camcorder” icon to start recording the screen.


When you are done recording, tap on the “Stop” button, and the video will stop. You will then be prompted to “Delete,” “View” or just “Close” the dialog.


After the video is recorded, you can edit it to make it perfect for sharing. For example, you should remove the ending part where you tapped on the Mobizen widget to “Stop” the video recording. To access the recorded video, tap on the “hamburger” icon next to the “Record screen” button in the Mobizen app. There you will see all your recorded videos and the edited ones as well.


Just select the video you would like to edit, and click on the “Video Editing” option above. In the editor you can split video, remove audio or add different audio and take screenshots. When you are done editing, tap on “Finish,” and the video will be saved in the “Edited Video” section.


You can also share the video by selecting it and tapping on the “Share” button above. The usual share options will open, including Facebook, Email, YouTube, etc.


Mobizen is definitely a great alternative to Google Play Games for recording your Android screen. It is free and offers high quality video recording capability. Best of all, it can record videos on Android 4.2 and above phones, while Google Play Games requires Android 5.0 and above. Do you know any other good apps to record game plays on Android? Do share in the comments.