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Zoom is becoming one of the most popular tools to host video conferences and webinars. As a meeting host, you can easily record Zoom sessions, either on your PC or in the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for Android or iOS.

Invite Your Participants

As soon as you start a scheduled meeting on Zoom, the participants will be able to join on their devices using a Meeting ID and password. They will also receive a security warning about the call being recorded to which they must agree.

Zoom Recording Recording Alert On Phone 1

Record the Meeting on Zoom

Once the session starts, Zoom lets you record the meeting in different layouts: as an “active speaker,” in “gallery view,” and via a “shared screen.” If hosting on a laptop or desktop PC, you can easily find a prominently displayed “Record on this Computer” button to locally store the meeting files.

For Android and iPhone users, Zoom offers various tiered plans for cloud storage offering 1 GB/pro user. Presently, it is not possible to record locally on your phone.

Zoom Recording Record On Computer 1

The recording session goes “Live” the moment you click the Record button. It will record only audio if you don’t want to include video footage.

Zoom Recording Ongoing

There are many activities you can record in a Zoom meeting. These include audio/video discussions over a whiteboard, live minutes of a shared screen, contents from a second camera, and files transferred using Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox.

Zoom also allows you to record your iPhone/iPad screen shared using a plugin.

Zoom Recording Whiteboard Recorded

If you don’t want some portions of the meeting in the final recording file, Zoom allows you to selectively pause and resume the activity.

Zoom Recording Pause Stop Recording 1

All the recorded files will be converted to .mp4 format after you end the meeting.

Zoom Recording Status Recorded File 1

Saving the Meeting Recordings

After the host ends the meeting on their PC, the Zoom session will be converted for viewing later.

Zoom Recording Convert Meeting Recording 1

As a host, you can always access the recorded files of past sessions on the Zoom dashboard.

Zoom Recording Check Past Meetings 1

The recorded Zoom files are saved locally on your PC in a relevant folder.

Zoom Recording Meetings Saved In Pc

It’s quite easy and hassle-free to video conference with Zoom and save your meeting recordings for future reference. Have you recently used Zoom to collaborate remotely with other coworkers? Don’t forget to check out some of the best Zoom features you should be using.

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