How to Record Calls on Your Android Device

When you make a call to your bank or credit card company, you will often hear a message that “the call will be recorded“. Have you ever wondered how you can record calls on your Android phone as well?

Recording calls on Android is a bit tricky, as it is not a feature that is built into the phone. However, with some third party apps, you can easily add this functionality to your phone and record all incoming and outgoing calls.

1. Record My Call: Call Recorder

Record My Call: Call Recorder is a free app that allows you to record calls on your Android.

Note: This app only works in Android 2.1 or later.

record calls on your android with record-my-call

Using this application, you will be able to record incoming, as well as outgoing, phone calls. When a call is recorded, it is saved into your memory card allowing you to do a variety of things with it. You can listen to the recorded file whenever you want. You can also have the recorded audio file synchronized to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. The ability to manually record conversations rather than having an automatic setting is supported by this tool.

Download Record My Call: Call Recorder

2. Call Recorder

Call Recorder is a free-to-use smart device app that is sized at nearly 1 MB. This tool requires your handheld device to be running version 2.1 or later of the Android OS.

record calls on your android with call-recorder

Call Recorder provides you with the standard phone call recording features. You can have its automatic settings enabled – something that records all the calls placed to and from your phone. You can listen back to the recorded audio files any time you want. If you want to protect your recorded audio files from accidental cleanup deletions, then you can set them to “Lock” through the app.

Download Call Recorder

3. Auto Call Recorder

record calls on your android with auto call recorder

The forte of Auto Call Recorder is in the “auto” aspect of things. You can specify which contacts’ calls should be recorded by the application. You have the option to either record all calls or just unknown calls, or you can specify which contacts to ignore. By doing this, you will only be recording those calls that you deem important. A Pro version offered by the application lets you save the files directly to the cloud.

Download Auto Call Recorder

Note: A limitation in some Android smart devices disables direct call recording from the other side. Such models support audio recording only via the microphone. A solution for these sets is to put the other person on the line on speaker.


These are some of the most useful call recording apps available for your Android devices. Personally, I am using Auto Call Recorder, having it automatically save all the recordings on my phone. Do you record calls on your Android device? Feel free to share your favorite app with us in the comments below!


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  2. TapeACall is another great call recording app. No rooting necessary, works on every phone and call recording quality is impeccable. Recordings can easily be shared with GoogleDrive and of the like. Definitely worth it –

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